Around the county . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway around Anderson County:
Building and Codes
·       Our Department was presented with an Appreciation Plaque from the Homeland Park Community Watch Group for our work in demolishing several dilapidated structures over the past few years in their area which in turn helps to make their community safer.
·       PERMITS SUBMITTED: 8 Single-Family Dwellings; 2 Addition/Renovation; 6 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 4 Swimming Pools; 16 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 1 Residential Solar; 10 Commercial Including: Michelin Family Medical Clinic, Up-Fit to Anderson Mini-Storage, Renovation to Walmart-Powdersville, Relocation of Metal Building, Electrical for Vantage Apartments Lift Station, Ortec Re-Roof, McDonalds Sign on Pearman Dairy Rd, McDonalds Sign on Whitehall Rd, Heater Change-Out for McNeely Rd LLC, MIP Inc Solar Panels on Warehouse; 17 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Edward Jones Up-Fit located off Main Street in Belton, GT’s Legacy Warehouse located off Station Drive, Vantage Apartments Lift Station in Powdersville, Verizon Wireless Cell Tower located in Honea Path and Various Resubmittals
Development Standards
o   Proposed New Restaurant located at River Road & Highway 153
o   Patina Storage located at 101 Wellington Lane, Piedmont.
o   Carolina Tarp located at 1301 Elrod Road, Piedmont
o   GT Legacy Warehouse Expansion located on Pine Road
o   Multi-Family Apartment Expansion located on Burns Bridge Road(expansion placed on hold will require rezoning)
o   Woodard Family Farms located on Sam Byrum Road, Iva.
o   Floodplain Development Permit Hembree Creek
o   Home Away from Home (Second Review) located on Glendale Road, Anderson.
o   Review of Fire Works Stand Permitting, Seasonal & Temporary Use Permits-County Wide
o   Powdersville Water District-review fall zones for future water tower placement.
o   Poly Med Industrial Expansion located on Technology Drive, Anderson.
o   Verizon Wireless New 185’ Communication Tower located at Abercrombie Road, Honea Path
o   Pennington Farms, a PD(Planned Development) Final approval granted for Lots 21, 27, & 31
o   Welborn Acres Phase III; Avendell Phase III; Spring Meadows; St Andrews-Consent Agenda (Planning Commission); Cardinal Woods; Magnolias Farms
·       Vegetation Crews worked on trimming tree limbs, mowing right-of-way, and trimming and clearing trees at Recycling Ed Center.
·       Grading Crew worked on drainage issue on Guy Road, building catch basin, ditching and driveway pipe.
·       Ditching and Pipe Crew performed routine drainage and driveway pipe maintenance requests and requests for Towns of Honea Path and Williamston.
·       Asphalt Crews performed routine driveway apron and pothole requests.
·       Sign Shop Crews completed half of audit request for Shackleburg Road; worked on routine maintenance road signs. One employee attended 2018 ITE Vendor Day with SCLTAP.
·       Bridge Crew continued work on Shiloh Church Road West Bridge replacement, completing the H-Pile driving and continued work on shoulders.
·       On-call crew received 1 after-hours call-out for a total of 4 man-hours: stop sign.
Solid Waste
·       Solid Waste received an appreciation award from the Homeland Park Community Watch for our dedication and support to help make the community safer.
·       Assisted Parks and Recreation with handling litter and trash at the ABA National Championship at Greenpond.
·       Completed the 5 year Capital Improvement Plan and Maintenance Plan.
·       ReTrac reports are being submitted into the database for DHEC. These are due by November 15th.
·       Delivered 97 trees to the Town of Belton, Town of Pendleton, Heritage Garden Club and Dogwood Garden Club.
·       Waste Oil Grant from DHEC is being utilized to run recycling ads in the newspaper. These ads have been approved by DHEC to move forward.
·       Staff has confirmed dates and plans for the upcoming KSCB Annual Conference and the KAB National Conference.
·       Environmental Enforcement took 9 cases to court this week. Two unlawful dumping (1 asked for jury trial/1 guilty), Three littering (3 guilty), Four Failure to Comply (guilty), One Driving under Suspension (guilty).
·       Picked up 21 illegal signs on Michelin Blvd. and Masters Blvd this week.
·       Replaced 3 recycle oil tanks with new Fibrex Oil Collections tanks this week at the King David and Manse Jolly Convenience Centers.
·       We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 1 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       Did You Know? Chinese investors are opening factories in the United States to process a large amount of recycled scrap metal.
·       Contracted with Terracon to perform an engineering evaluation of a seep on the backside of Broadway Lake dam. The evaluation will determine if a repair is needed at all, and if so to what extent.
·       Performed a drone flight over the upper area of Broadway Lake to create a map depicting how much area has black willow bushes growing in them. The map will be used to make decisions on the best way to control them either by cutting or herbicideapplication.
·       Participated in a pre-submittal meeting with other departments for a commercial project at the intersection of River Road and Highway 153 in Powdersville.
·       Review (2nd) was conducted for Poly-Med Expansion Phase I.
·       Permit for Krut LED was terminated.
·       Staff performed maintenance in the bioretention cell at Green Pond Landing. A volunteer group from Tri-county Tech will be assisting with maintenance in the cell next week.
·       Summarized in house lab analyses results as well as contract lab results into a spreadsheet to be able to see any operational trends and predict the health of the plant biology based on these results and visual inspections. The plant has continued to meet NPDES Permit limits.
·       Installed new railing on the side of ladders on the treatment plant that lead to the digester for fall protection.
·       Cleaned and flushed ultraviolet disinfection system at the effluent and began process of replacing bad ballast for ultraviolet lights.
·       Town of Iva made a payment of $8,120.73, leaving their balance as $761,440.82
·       The pump station crew completed checking air release valves for the month of October. We check air release valves to make sure that they are in proper operation and there are no leaks. We have over 120 air release valves on our system.
·       The pump station crew read bi-monthly meters for October billing.
·       The pump station crew pumped trash out of wet wells with the Vac-Con at Hwy 86# 1, Hwy 86 #2 and Southbound Rest Area.
·       The ROW crew began cutting in the Powdersville area this week. We plan to be finished by weeks end, and then move to the HWY 29 and HWY 8 area in Piedmont.
·       The ROW crew investigated the sewer system at Station 153 Town Houses on Civic Center Blvd. this week. There are two manholes that have been covered by asphalt and need to be uncovered and raised to grade.
·       Helping Roads and Bridges clean a cross over pipe on Weeping Willow Dr. in Powdersville this week. We will be using the Vac-Con truck to remove a large build-up of silt inside the pipe.
·       Anderson County Staff witnessed testing of a new force main that was recently installed for the new pump station being built at the Vantage Development Project in Powdersville off Hood Rd.
·       Anderson County Staff met with a business owner to discuss tie-in options for their current development. They are currently on septic tank but now per DHEC are going to have to tie into sewer due to issues with septic system.
·       Contractor for Arthrex has finished pot-holing for the bore to be made under Milwee Creek Rd. and are now in the preparation stages to execute the road bore.
·       There were no after-hours calls this week