Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway around Anderson County:

In addition to several projects mentioned under the development standards heading, of which several are of interest to Journal readers, the planning department received plans on November 13 for a new Popeye’s Chicken restaurant at Hwy. 153 and old River Road, in the vicinity of the Auto Zone store.

Building and Codes
· Permits:
o 12 Single-Family Dwellings
o 4 Addition/Renovation Permits
o 3 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings
o 1 Swimming Pool
o 2 Demolition Permits
o 1 Replacement Permit
o 17 Permits issued for Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 3 Residential Solar
o 11 Commercial Permits Including: Sign for Milltown Players, Spectrum Up-Fit, Hydro-3600 Billet Saw Addition, Edward Jones Up-Fit, Dollar Tree Interior Remodel, Raines on Main Retaining Wall, Dollar General Sign, Anderson Apartments Fire Sprinkler System, Dollar Tree Sign, Oven Hood for Bandit Pizza, TCTC Foundation Fire Sprinkler
o 5 Mobile Home permits including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
· Drawings submitted for: Generator for American Tower-Ivy Acres, Electrical for Powdersville Water District and Various Re-Submittals
· October Stats:
o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits up 5% Compared to October 2017 (64 to 67)
o   Revenue down 10% Compared to October 2017 ($104,792.80 to $94,495.20)
o   Total of 916 permits/transactions – Down 9% Compared to October 2017 (1,012): 225 Building, 238 Electrical, 129 Plumbing, 143 HVAC, 110 Mobile Homes, 11 Demolition, 14 Moving, 46 Miscellaneous

Development Standards
o Anderson County Citizens Advisory Committee for District 7 met on Wednesday November 7, 2018 and approved a Special Exception for the construction of a new church, Generis Baptist Church, located on Horseshoe Road, Honea Path.
o SCDHEC Officials met with staff regarding new onsite wastewater system permitting process.
o Dental Office/Pediatrician located at Highway 81 & Highway 153.
o Element Materials located on Shiloh Church Road, Piedmont.
o Carolina Tarp located on Elrod Road, Piedmont.
o Eggs Up Grill Restaurant located at 10903 Anderson Road, Piedmont.
o Riverside Middle School Expansion
o Marshall Primary School Expansion
o The Bridge Center located at 2403 W. Whitner Street, Anderson.
o Highway 86 Warehouse Development Site
o Duke Energy WS Lee Steam Project-Lee Steam Plant Road
o Dollar General Retail located on Dobbins Bridge Road.
o People Consulting Home Based Business
o Floodplain Development Permit Final Approval Granted for 118 Latham Drive, Anderson.
o Grove @ Oak Trail located on Powdersville Main, Rivers Edge, St Andrew Townhomes, Carriage Hill
o Land Use Permits, 160
o Septic Tank Permits, 102
o Individual Summary Plats, 61
o Subdivisions, 3
o Home Based Businesses, 6
o Commercial Up-fits, 6

Roads & Bridges
· Grading Crew worked on a drainage issue on Guy Road, building a catch basin, and ditching and driveway pipe.
· Ditching and Pipe Crew performed routine drainage and driveway pipe maintenance requests and requests for the Towns of Honea Path and Williamston.
· Sign Shop Crews completed half of an audit request for Shackleburg Road; worked on routine maintenance of road signs. One employee attended 2018 ITE Vendor Day with SCLTAP.
· Bridge Crew continued work on Shiloh Church Road West Bridge replacement, completing the H-Pile driving and continued work on shoulders.
· On-call crew received 1 after-hours call-out for a total of 4 man-hours: stop sign.
·         OCTOBER STATS:
·         Work Requests: 351 new, 468 closed, 351 open.
·         On-call crews received 8 after-hours call-outs for a total of approximately 72.5 man-hours.
·         Encroachments: 16/$646.30 (58/$7019.35)

Solid Waste
·         Provided 1,000 KACB car litter bags for Visit Anderson’s upcoming event.
·         Scheduled the Adopt-a-Spot billboard to run on the digital billboard for the month of November to encourage residents to adopt a road in their neighborhood to keep clean.
·         Environmental Enforcement is continuing to work Hurricane Springs Park, Hurricane Creek Boat Ramp, Hanie Park and the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center due to a major littering issue at these facilities.
·         DHEC inspected the Starr Solid Waste Class Two Landfill on October 29, 2018. There was one area on the Southwest slope that had some exposed waste due to rain but was being corrected. All other areas met or exceeding regulatory requirements.
·         We have 2 inmate for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·         OCTOBER STATS:
o   529.88 Recyclable tons, 41.57 E-Waste tons, 104.13 Tire tonnages and 1488 Gallons Waste Oil.
o   Anderson Regional Landfill: 5192.93 tons of municipal Solid Waste at a cost of $124,111.03.
o   Hauling contractor hauled 556 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of $65,052.00.
o   Starr Landfill Tonnages:
§  Construction & Demolition (1,446.18 C&D) tons {4,977.30 YTD tons}.
§  Land Clearing Debris (1,289.78 LCD) tons {4,296.47 YTD tons}.
§  9,273.77 Total Tons for the Year
·         Environmental Enforcement October Stats:
§  152 Calls, 10 Warnings, 3 Assisting Another Agency, 19Clean-Up Orders, 3 Clean-Up Order Citations, 2 Unlawful Dumping, 2 Litter Citations, 0 Uncovered Load Citations, and 1 State Citations. Total Fines requested $4,422.50.
·         Did You Know? Food scraps are damaging to the recycling process. It is considered a recycling contaminant if food packaging is not properly washed out and is thrown into the recycling.
· Contractor bids were received for the annual maintenance of several county-owned stormwater detention ponds.
· A new stormwater application was received for Residence Inn by Marriot at Interstate Blvd north of I-85 at exit 19.
· Reviews were conducted for WS Lee Sediment Basin (3rd) and Mayfield Woods Subdivision (1st).
· Staff has conducted annual high priority stormwater inspections of various county facilities. High priority facilities have a higher potential to pollute stormwater and must be inspected annually.
· Staff attended the fourth quarter meeting of the SC Association of Stormwater Managers. SCDHEC gave an update on the next MS4 permit and presentations on green infrastructure and SC climate trends were given.
· Did you know? More than one-third of the threatened and endangered species in the US live only in wetlands (one of the most highly impacted areas of poor stormwater management).
o New Applications: 1
o Resubmittals: 10
o Reviews: 11
o Pre-cons: 4
o Permits Terminated: 5
o Major Modifications Approved: 1
o Inspections: 81 sediment/erosion control,  0 post-construction, 0 county facility & 1 industrial stormwater

·         Crews cleaned one drying bed and had sludge hauled to landfill.
·         Reviewing pump station plans for Yorkshire Farms in Powdersville.
·         Anderson County staff, the Design Engineer, and Contractor met at Arthrex to perform low pressure air testing for the newly installed sewer mains. (M/H 6-M/H 11) Every line was individually tested and passed per DHEC design standards for the project. The manholes for this section will have to be tested at a later date after the binder is installed for the road.
·         Manholes for the Welpine Project were located by Anderson County personnel and an Engineering firm with a handheld GPS. Manholes were staked and flagged for the property owner to see the placement location for 16 of the manholes within the project.
·         We had 3 employees attend the Pipeline Safety Program at the Westside Community Center for ongoing training on the hazards and safety measures that need to take place when working around underground utilities.
·         Raised (2) manholes to grade that were covered by asphalt at Station 153 apartments on Civic Center Blvd.
·         ROW crew continued cutting in the Piedmont area off Rogers Rd. along HWY 8.
·         The ROW crew repaired (1) manhole in Powdersville this week that was hit by a mower.
·         OCTOBER STATS:
o   Inspections – 21
o   811 Tickets – 590
o   ROW – 17,770 feet mowed
o   Capacity Fees – $29,500
o   Permits – 22