Around the County . . .


Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway across Anderson County:

Building and Codes
·       Congratulations to Tammy Dowdy (Chief of Permitting) and Jay Jennings (Chief Inspector)  for completing the “Introduction to Management & Supervision Training” through the SC Appalachian Council of Governments. This was an opportunity for first time Managers/Supervisors to improve their skills in Leadership and Employee Development
·       Demolition permits have been issued on 8 Substandard Properties that we have been working on through our Substandard Housing Program. The contract has been awarded to 4 Seasons Demolition out of Wilmington NC. Thanks to County Council we continue to make progress on cleaning up these dilapidated structures
·       PERMITS SUBMITTED: 13 Single-Family Dwellings; 1 Addition/Renovation; 5 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 15 Demolition; 12 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 1 Residential Solar; 9 Commercial Including: Polymed Modular Office, Interstate Tire Addition, Carwash Office/Storeroom Up-Fit, Elite Physical Therapy Phase II Up-Fit, Electrical for Powdersville Water District, Foundation for Sanders Storage, HVAC Replacement for Existing Business, Re-Connect Electrical for Existing Business, HVAC Replacement for RSSCO Outlets; 17 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       DRAWINGS SUBMITTED: Burger King Remodel in Iva, Dorchester Baptist Church Ramp Addition in Belton, 2 Signs for Starbucks located off Clemson Blvd, Starbucks Shell Building located in Powdersville, The Ridge at Iva Apartment Building A&B, The Ridge at Iva Apartment Building C & D, The Ridge at Iva Community Building, The Ridge at Iva Picnic Shelter, Monument Sign for Vantage Apartments in Powdersville, Sign for Walkers Point and Various Re-Submittals
Development Standards
§  Anderson School District 4 Expansion located on Boscobel Road, Pendleton.
§  Starbucks located on Highway 153 Powdersville.
§  Popeye’s Restaurant located at River Road & Highway 153.
§  Wendy’s Restaurant located on Wall Street, Powdersville.
§  Dorchester Baptist Church Expansion, Belton.
§  Verizon Wireless Expansion located on Langston Road, Piedmont.
§  Final Floodplain Development Permit for 118 Latham Drive, Piedmont.
§  Floodplain Development Permit 100 Lakeview Lane, Williamston.
§  Floodplain Development Permit for Hunt Road, Pelzer.
§  Floodplain Development Permit for Irby Road, Piedmont.
§  Dollar General located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson.
§  Dominion Senior Living bond-$60,000 for completion of landscaping/infrastructure
§  Bronson Ridge Subdivision Phase III- $44,280
§  Walker’s Pointe, McGee Road, St. Andrews Townhomes, Greenpond Phase II, Grove @ Oak Trail, Spencer Trail & River’s Edge, Bronson Ridge Phase III, Covered Bridge @ Jones Creek
Fleet Services
·       We closed 109 work orders for the week.
·       Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $1.86“! E20 $2.39, Diesel $2.54‘!
·       New Rear Loader Trash Compactor for Solid Waste, which will be designated for use at the Civic Center, which is in the pre-delivery stage.
·       Weekly Fleet Availability:   92.02%
· To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
·       Vegetation Crews cleaned bridges and removed dead trees.
·       Grading Crew repaired culvert on Richey Road, removed trees, and cleared tree debris.
·       Ditching and Pipe Crew performed routine drainage and driveway pipe maintenance requests and helped with clearing tree debris.
·       Asphalt Crews repaired potholes and assisted with tree clean-up.
·       Sign Shop Crews worked on routine maintenance road signs; closed Lester Ashley Road due to road washing.
·       Bridge Crew investigated bridges and cleared weep holes.
·       On-call crew received 23 after-hours call-outs for a total of 93 man-hours: 3 signs, 1 dead animal, 15 trees, and 4 road flooding.
·       One Tort/Property Claim Report
·       Two New Employee Safety Orientation
·       One safety meeting: Topic-covered Personal Protective Equipment
Solid Waste
·       ReTrac Surveys are still being received and entered into the database. The due date is November 15th.
·       Solid Waste Director attended the SC SWANA Fall Conference Road Show this week. Safety, Amendment to the Solid Waste Act, Landfill Gas, TS Floor Wear Ability vs Cost of Additives at MRFs and Convenience Center Public Safety were topics of discussion.
·       Environmental Enforcement found a stolen vehicle beside the Whitefield Convenience Center that was being used by an individual who had broken into the site. One stolen tag was found in the vehicle. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the stolen vehicle and tag.
·       Environmental Enforcement is continuing to work Hurricane Springs Park, Hurricane Creek Boat Ramp, and Park and the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center due to a major littering issue at these facilities. Enforcement did have to ask 18 individuals to leave the Hurricane Springs Park due to being in the park after 10:00pm on November 10, 2018.
·       Environmental Enforcement patrolled Highway 20 and Big Creek Road in Belton this week.
·       Ware Shoals Middle School students toured our MRF Facility to see where recyclables go after they place them in the bins at school.
·       Completed a recycling and litter prevention presentation for 96 Honea Path Elementary 3rd Graders and 4 teachers.
·       Staff trimmed trees at the Craytonville Convenience Center to help with the lighting at the site and repaired an electrical issue on the #1 compactor.
·       We have 2 inmate for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       Did You Know? Paper cups, typically used for coffee, have a wax lining to contain the liquid and thereforecannot be recycled.
·       The engineering evaluation of the seep at the Broadway Lake dam began this week by taking soil borings across the dam. The soil samples will be analyzed to determine the stability of the dam’s slopes.
·       This week’s rainfall required the spillway gates at Broadway Lake to be opened and closed several times to control the lake’s water surface level.
·       Received resubmittal for Highway 29 Lots.
·       Received new application for Prospect Church Road Subdivision.
·       The Town of Iva’s running balance is $756,440.82.
·       Collected effluent and influent samples for second monthly testing. All test results are meeting parameters set by SCDHEC.
·       Cleaned 2 drying beds and wasted solids from aeration #2. These solids are sent to the drying beds to dewater until dry enough to clean and haul to landfill.
·       Drained digester onto drying beds in preparation for heavy rainfall and high flow. The digester is used for storage during heavy rain events.
·       Installed a repaired transmitter for the Effluent flow meter. This transmitter was hit by lightning and had to be sent back to factory for warranty repair. The transmitter sends the flow reading to the Operations Building flow charts for daily flow recordings.
·       Worked with Industries to prepare the discharge monitoring reports that include our annual results.  Calculations are needed to include all results and industry personnel prefer to be assisted with this each year to avoid errors in reporting.
·       Anderson County and the design engineer witnessed the sewer testing for the Vantage Apt. Project. The contractor performed low pressure air and mandrel pull tests for all newly installed sewer mains, and the manholes were vacuum tested.  All test parameters have been set by DHEC in accordance to the design standards of the project.
·       The pump at Hurricane Creek was sent to the repair shop to replace the impeller and seals. The parts are coming from Sweden which will take about 4 weeks to get here.
·       The pump station crew pulled pump #1 at the East Lagoon, the pump had long run times due to trash being in the impeller. We cleaned it out and put it back in service.
·       There were several after-hour calls for high levels at Gilmer, Stonehaven, Hembree Creek, East Lagoon, and Starr pump stations. We called in pumper trucks and also used our Vac-Con to help to keep the stations from running over. There were 4 people called in at 3:00 Sunday and worked all night. There was also a call for A/C power failure at Clemson Research for a total of 3 hours.
·       The pump station crew inspected ARV’s (Air Release Valves) for the month of November. We currently have 121 ARV’s that are inspected monthly for proper operation.
·        We installed a new off float at Drakes Field pump station because the pumps were running continuously.