Williamston in process of getting easements for projects


By Stan Welch
Williamston Town Council met informally in a work session Tuesday night to review a short agenda for next week’s council meeting.
One matter to be addressed next week is the Medshore Ambulance lease for the EMS building. The monthly lease is due to automatically increase to twelve hundred dollars but Medshore is seeking a reduction to a thousand dollars a month, in exchange for not using the comparatively small administrative space at the front of the building. Mayor Durham expressed his preference to have that space occupied and maintained.
Durham also reported that town attorney Lee Cole has prepared a resolution authorizing the mayor to pay fair market value for the remaining easements that have to be purchased before the Belton Drive sewer project can proceed. “We’re having a little trouble getting the last few easements, and setting fair market price as the bar should help us move forward,” said the Mayor.
An easement is also the key to the repairs to Minor Street, according to the mayor. “We need one last easement to proceed. We have presented the property owner with the necessary information and figures and hope to have a resolution by the end of the week. If that happens, we are still on schedule to have the project finished by the end of the year.”
The council will also select a mayor pro tem, as well as recognize the Palmetto High School varsity cheerleaders for winning their third consecutive State championship.