Minor Street repair being delayed by rights of way


By Stan Welch
The repair and reopening of Minor Street just behind the Municipal Center continues to be delayed by the problem of obtaining the needed rights of way. The project will involve the replacing of the road bed with a thirty six foot bridge that will span the utilities that run through, and helped wash out, the gap.
The project has received all the necessary permits, including wetlands permits, and has been funded by the Anderson County Transportation Committee. The rights of way are proving difficult to obtain because there are multiple holders of those ROWs and they are not all located in the Williamston area.
The city has taken the responsibility for obtaining the rights of way. Deputy County Administrator Holt Hopkins said that as soon as the ROWS can be obtained and verified, the county is ready to put the project out for bids. ”We are aware of the various problems caused by the closing of Minor Street, and we share the town’s eagerness to get underway with the work.”
At its last meeting, the ACTC also approved several projects that include both Council districts one and seven. The widening of Cox Road, and the paving of Beachwood Parkway, Ranchwood Drive and Pinehurst Lane, in the Englewood area were all approved. The projects total 13,251 linear feet and will cost just over $498,000.
A number of projects were approved for Pelzer, including Lyman, Adger, Allen, Goodrich, Parker and Hampton Streets. The 23,715 linear feet of paving will cost $257,2000.