Pelzer potholes, trash pickup discussed in brief meeting


By Stan Welch
In a remarkably brief meeting, the Pelzer Town Council made short work of a three item agenda. Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Matthews informed the sparse audience that Mayor Roger Scott is continuing his therapy for a recent stroke the Mayor suffered.
“Roger is still in therapy, but he is in contact with the town hall every day, and we are in touch with him. He is fully aware of what is going on in the town, and while we miss him, we expect to have him back soon.”
One of the agenda items referred to a leaf bagger and vacuum that was discussed at the last meeting. The issue was tabled at that meeting to allow for more information to be gathered; a step taken once again at Tuesday night’s meeting.
The next item was an update on the repair and filling of potholes. Most of the upper mill area has been addressed except for Smith Street which should be finished by Thursday afternoon. Additional asphalt product has been purchased and work will begin on the lower mill area soon.
Complaints about recent changes in the town’s trash pickup took up most of the brief meeting, as town clerk Cheryl Boudreau explained that the changes had resulted in chaos. She informed Council that Waste Industries had agreed, with a nudge from her, to restore the previous service, with the old truck and two garbage men aboard. A new, modern truck with a mechanical arm that allowed one man to operate the truck will be pulled from the route.