West Pelzer to present State of the Town at PBA breakfast


By Stan Welch
The Town of West Pelzer will be holding an unusual, and perhaps unprecedented, event on Tuesday March 19, when they, along with the Palmetto Business Association, sponsor the 2019 State of the Town Toast and Topics breakfast.
The event, which will be held in Council chambers at the town hall, will offer a light breakfast of fruit, bagels and such.
Mayor Blake Sanders, who will give a brief presentation on the town’s recent achievements and future plans, was aware of the groundbreaking nature of the event. “This is the first time West Pelzer has held such an event, and it may be the first time any of the three towns have done it.”
His reason for doing so was simple. “We have often struggled with getting the story of our town out to the people. We waited to hold this event until several projects were completed. We want to let people see the progress we have made, as well as share the vision that we have for our town’s future. We are about to enter into our budget process and it is important for people to view that budget in the context of the town’s plans for the future.”
The breakfast is as much a social event as a political one. The doors will open at 8:00 a.m. with the presentation, which Sanders says will only last a few minutes, will begin at 8:30. “This will be both casual and brief,” said Sanders. ”We’ll have some light breakfast fare, like bagels and fresh fruit. Nothing heavy or messy. We hope to see lots of our citizens here that morning.”
Those planning to attend should RSVP by March 14. To do so, contact president@palmettobusiness.org