Around the County . . .

Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following:
Building and Codes
       Congratulations to Patrick Alan Tafta, Building Inspector, for passing the Residential Electrical Inspector Exam. He has now passed all four required exams (Building, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical) to complete his registration with the State Licensing Board as a Residential Combination Inspector
       Permits Submitted: 13 Single-Family Dwellings; 2 Addition/Renovation; 7 Detached Garage/Accessory Building; 4 Swimming Pools; 1 Replacement; 11 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades Including 2 Residential Solar; 1 Commercial Including: Sign for Wright Home Sales; 3 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
       Drawings Submitted:  Americas Home Place Remodel located off Clemson Blvd, AT&T Up-Fit located off Hwy 153, Dental Office Up-Fit located off Hwy 153, Wright Home Sales Sign, McDonald’s Remodel located off Hwy 28, Woodyard Office & Shop Building  located off Abbeville Hwy and Various Re-Submittals
Development Standards
       Site Plan Review:
o   Palmetto Middle School Expansion Williamston
o   Wren Middle School Expansion
o   Highway 81 Water Tower
o   Historic Barn Highway 76 Pendleton
o   Commercial Development Five Forks Road Pendleton
o   Healthy Living Retail Store Clemson Blvd
o   Anderson County Welcome Sign Exit 4
o   AT&T Expansion Boggs Road, Belton
o   Whitt, Pelzer, & Ace Solar Decommissioning Final Report
o   Proposed Duplexes on West Roosevelt Drive
o   Commercial Development-Claire Drive Piedmont
o   Floodplain Development Permit located on Trotter Road
       Land Use Permits Approved:
o   The Standard Cremation Funeral Home Pearman Dairy Road.
       Grading Permits:
o   Taylor Wood Products
       Subdivisions:
o   Ivey Acres RV Park Expansion; Hunt Meadows; Mirabella; Edgebrook/Prescott
       Bufferyards:
o   Blue Eagle Rental-Landscaping & Fencing Requirements
Fleet Services
       Diesel Mechanic position open
To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
Roads & Bridges
       6 employees participated in the defensive driving training course.
       Continued First Aid, CPR & AED Course Training
       On call crew received 9 call outs; 3 down trees, 1 dead animal and 5 signs Using 7 employees for a total of 32.5 hours.
       Sign Crew
o   13 open request, completed 11 request and Installed radar speed limit sign on Red Maple Drive in Powdersville.
       Bridge Crew
o    Repaired guard rail on Masters Boulevard, repaired concrete curbing on Hamby Road, and Colonel Johnson Road.
       Ditching Crew
o   Ditched 1220 feet, replaced 6 driveway pipes and replaced 3 catch basin lids. Stockpiled stone and unloaded pipes on yard.
       Asphalt Crew
o    Repaired 30 potholes, replaced 6 driveway aprons, no asphalt available due to weather.
       Grading Crew
o   Culvert repairs were completed on Elrod Road, Pine Tree Drive, Michael Drive, and South Severn Circle.
       Vegetation Crew
o   Received 10 request and completed 10 request for tree removal. 36 total open request.
o   Booming operation; sections 3 and 4 are 100% completed
o   Booming operation; section 5, 75% completed, boom mower down.
o   Booming operation; sections 2 and 6 are 50% completed, section 2 boom mower out of shop on 19th, section 6 boom mower in shop on 19th.
o   Booming operation; section 1, 25% complete with section 4 helping and section 7, 50% complete with section 3 helping in this area.
       Engineering Crew
o   Completed current condition inspection for 12 pavement segments.
o   Completed final plan review and worked on final revisions for Rock Springs Dairy Estates STD project.
o   18 Encroachment Inspections were completed, 3 road issues were completed, 2 Plan Approvals for Encroachment Permits were completed, 3 Subdivision Inspections were completed, 11 Paving Estimates completed, 4 Inspection task completed, 1 Damage claim was filed for potholes.
o   Received 3 Right of Way inquiries, processed 8 Encroachment Permits, worked on 8 right of way acquisitions (11 in negotiations, 8 awaiting closing, 3 on hold), Prepping 2016-2017 accident data to import into GIS.
o   Performed 17 Bridge Inspections.
o   Completed 1st review of the plans for Yorkshire Farms Subdivision.
Solid Waste
       The Great Anderson County Cleanup will be on April 13, 2019. The Kickoff for the event will be on April 8, 2019 at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center at 6:00pm.
       Staff attended the South Carolina Litter Control Association Annual Conference. The South Carolina Litter Control Association and Keep South Carolina Beautiful representative discuss litter issues and litter prevention efforts in the state.
       Environmental Enforcement won the Upper Region Group Leadership Award at the Litter Control Association Annual Conference.  It is awarded to the group that has outstanding leadership to the cause of litter awareness, enforcement and pick up programs in South Carolina.
       Staff attended CPR and Defensive Driving Training this week.
       2 inmate for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
       A cease and desist notice was issued to Vantage Apartments in Powdersville due to garbage and construction debris throughout the site and failed silt fencing that allowed sediment onto an adjoining resident’s property.
       Staff met with the affected resident beside Vantage Apartments to investigate concerns with the development’s runoff.
       A cease and desist notice was issued to Ortec Pendleton Phase I due to improperly installed stormwater controls and unapproved storm drainage resulting in off-site impacts.
       A cease and desist notice was issued to Mungo Homes due to illicit discharges to the roads and county storm system in Avendell Subdivision. Sediment was discharged from several lots where no stormwater controls where installed.
       Review (3rd) was conducted for The Grove at Oak Trail Subdivision.
       Major modifications were approved for Richard Kay Superstore and Upstate Industrial Lot 16 Spec Building.
       Administration
o   Town of Iva made payment of $17,000.00 on Friday, February 15, 2019 and another payment of $12,000.00 on February 20, 2019, leaving their balance as $793,511.83.
       Six and Twenty WWTP
o   Collected effluent composite and grab samples for the second monthly parameter tests required by SCDHEC.
o   Performed two Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) tests this week to check the amount of organic solids in the biological process. This test determines how much sludge needs to be wasted from the treatment plant. The test results were 3500 mg/l. The solids in the treatment plant need to be between 3000 mg/l and 3500 mg/l. Will perform another MLSS test after wasting some of the organic solids to ensure that enough solids were removed.
o   Cleaned and flushed ultraviolet disinfection system and cleaned the V-Notch weir on the clarifier.
       Pump Stations
o   The pump station crew replaced high level floats at Steel Creek. The high level float is very important because it monitors the level in the wet well while the station is not in operation due to installation of a new line on the property. We also pumped the manhole out twice this week at Steel Creek. The manhole is plugged so that we can pump with our Vac-Con while the station is out of service.
o   Pulled pump #1 at WCI due to long run times.  Found trash in the impeller, after cleaning it out we put it back into service.
o   Pulled pump #1 at Stonehaven due to long run times, after pulling the pump we found it had a broken impeller. Ordered a new one, however this impeller is made in Sweden and it will be 4-5 weeks before delivery.
       Right-of-Way
o   New AC unit was installed on our camera trailer, this was covered under warranty.
o   Performed a dye tested the line at 1501 Whitehall Rd. and confirmed that the business is on County sewer.
o   Heavy rains on Tuesday caused higher than normal flows at Stonehaven Pump station, had to call in a pumper truck to help keep up the flow.
       Locating/Inspections
o   Received 126 locate tickets over the last week from SC 811. Each ticket was entered into cartegraph and reviewed by our personnel. The ones that were in conflict with potentially damaging our infrastructure during installation were located for the contractor performing the work in that area.
o   Project Attenborough Town Homes has completed installation of the new sewer system for this site. Currently waiting on the 30 day time frame that is set by DHEC to proceed with the proper testing to insure that no deficiencies are within the newly installed system.
o   Contractor for phase 2 @ Rivermill Subdivision are making head way after encountering a very large unexpected vain of rock hidden within the site. They had to bring in an outside contractor to core drill and blast the rock in order to remove the rock for excavation.
       Pretreatment
o   Prepared forms to be used for Fats, Oil and Grease Program implementation upon final approval by Council.
o   Met with industry representative to discuss permit violation and the response to the Notice of Violation.
o   Prepared spreadsheet of lab data for 6&20 WWTP for our quick reference.
o   Assisted with entry of SC811 Locate tickets and did ticket audits to be sure all were reviewed.
       Engineering
o   Met with ReWa and consultant to discuss wastewater projects in Northern Anderson.
o   We had 3 after hour calls totaling 6 hours overtime
Animal Shelter
       PAWS was able to save 92% of the animals in our care this week.
       Intakes:  102 (27 owner surrenders, 3 return adoption, 58 from Animal Control, 5 strays and 9 transfer in)
       Outcomes:  43 animals adopted, 2 died, 6 were euthanized for aggression or medical emergencies, 4 owner requested euthanasia, 8 returned to their owners, 28 transferred out to rescue groups, 59 diversions
       Clinic performed 141 spay/neuter surgeries
       9 dogs were treated for heartworms.
       Currently 121 large dogs, 11 small dogs, 28 puppies, 27 cats and 14 kittens being held in the facility.
       There are 123 animals available for adoption, 86 are spayed/neutered; 69%
       3 animals being held for court
       PAWS received $405.00 in monetary donations.