Anderson School District One extends superintendent’s contract, approves personnel

The Anderson School District One Board of Trustees extended a contract for current Superintendent Robbie Binnicker and approved the personnel recommendations during their regular monthly meeting Tuesday. Binnicker’s contract was extended for two years through 2022. The following recommendations were approved:
Administrative Recommendations:
Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum; Dr. Kelly Pew, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel; Becky Brady, Director of Personnel; Jeffrey Dopkins, Director of Nutrition Services; Travis Thomas, Director of Finance; Dr. Brian Keith, Director of Special Services; Tiffaney Estes, Director of Planning and Development; Christie Shealy, Director of Testing; Greg Gilstrap, Director of Technology; Chris Lesley, Director of Maintenance; Andy Finley, Director of Special Projects and Safety.
Amanda Agnello, Grade Four, Powdersville Elementary; James (Jay) Bagwell, Computer Science, Powdersville Middle; Janet Evans, English, Wren Middle; Mackenzie (Luci) Eysen, LD Resource, Powdersville Middle; Caitlyn Floyd, Science, Powdersville High; Ashley Fox, Self-Contained ED, Wren Elementary; Devin Hickerson, Computer Science Teacher, Wren Middle; Ellie Jameson, Elementary, Hunt Meadows Elementary; Hannah Leary, School Psychologist, Anderson School District One; Josie Moore, Grade Three, Hunt Meadows Elementary; Dr. Fayola Neely, German, Wren High, Palmetto High/Powdersville High; Sommer Owens, Grade Five, Powdersville Elementary; Amelia Skelton, Grade Three, Powdersville Elementary.
Garland Cox, Enviromental Science Teacher, Powdersville High; Heather Cromer, Special Education Teacher, Wren Middle.
Samantha Barnhill, Grade Four, Spearman Elementary; Blakely Callaham, Kindergarten, Concrete Primary; Garland Cox, Environmental Science, Powdersville High.
Robin Kelley, Science, Wren High.
Misty Devore, Business, Powdersville High to Computer Science, Palmetto Middle; Lisa Mathis, Grade Four, Spearman Elementary to Grade Seven Math, Powdersville Middle; Caitlin Scroggs, Speech Language Pathologist, Palmetto Elementary to Speech Language Pathologist, Concrete Primary; Christina Vaughan, LD Self-Contained Teacher, West Pelzer Elementary School to LD Resource Teacher, Powdersville Middle; Rachel Wayne, Grade Five, Powdersville Elementary to Grade Seven Math Teaher, Powdersville Middle; Josh White, Grade Four, Powdersville Elementary to Grade Seven Science, Wren Middle.