Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Mar. 18 – Paul Rindolph, 23, 103 Middleton Blvd., reported items stolen from a 2010 BMW 5281 including $26 in cash, a Taurus 9x19mm handgun valued at $300. There was no sign of forced entry, however the reports state the vehicle was having electrical problem and had a dead battery. B. K. Creel investigated.
Mar. 12 – An employee of O’Reilys, 402 E,. Main St., Williamston fouind what was suspected to be drugs in a clear baggie in the parking lot of the business. The clear baggie contained a crystal like substance that weighed approximately 1.15 grams. The substance was placed in the evidence locker at the Williamston Police Department to be destroyed. M. E. Eddleman investigated.
Mar. 13 – Hailey Nicole Darby, 22, 17821 Brown Ave., Extension, Belton reported a hit and run incident in which a white Kia Optima, SC Tag # QMK234, hit her vehicle while in the parking lot of Cashwell. The incident remains under investigation. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
Feb. 27 – Nicolas Gaston Lee Warner, 22, 6 Deer Creek Dr., Piedmont was arrested for stealing a knife at Hardees, 1520 Anderson Dr., Williamston and causing a disturbance at McDonald’s. According to reports, the knife belonged to an employee and was taken from a table. According to reports, the suspect was located walking in the direction of Hwy 29 from Hardee’s and admitted taking the Green Gerber knife. He was placed under arrest and transported to ACDC. K. Anthony investigated.
Mar. 2 – Angela Annette Evatt, 53, 13 Calhoun St., Williamston was issued a summons for animals running at large after officers received a complaint from Donald J. Carroll, 12 Calhoun St., that his dog was bitten by Chihuahuas belonging to his neighbor. D. R. Hart investigated.
Mar. 2 – Angela Annette Evatt, 53, 13 Calhoun St., Williamston was issued a summons for a codes violation complaint after failing to comply to a notice issued in January. Evatt was made aware of the court date. Sgt. M. E. Eddleman investigated.
Mar. 2 – Amanda Beth Gurien, 39, 517 Gossett Dr., Williamston was issued a UTT summons for driving under suspension, operating an uninsured vehicle and a vehicle license violation after a Ford SUV was observed driving in a suspicious manner on Main Street. The tag came back to another vehicle and was suspended for cancellation of insurance. The vehicle also had suspended license plates. B. K. Creel investigated.
Mar. 3 – Patrice Marcella Peters, 28, 311 E. Caroline St., #A, Williamston was arrested for driving under suspension after a black vehicle was observed passing another vehicle on a double line on Main St. She was issued a warning for improper passing. The vehicle was towed and Peters was transported to ACDC without incident. Z. T. Parks investigated.
Mar. 5 – Darren Chesley Kay, 48, 110
Dacus St., Williamston was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute after officers responded to the residence in reference to a drug overdose. According to reports, a white female was found on the bed shaking violently. During the investigation, it was determined that the female identified as Fulbright, had orally taken two spoonfuls of meth. Kay pulled an orange and clear baggy from his front pocket which contained a white substance he identified as meth. EMS asked officers to find the spoon she had used so they would know the amount of drugs that were taken. Kay had the spoon in his left front pocket along with a separate small baggy with a crystal like substance. A field test was positive for methamphetamine which weighed 4.23 grams. An arrest warrant was issued and DSS notified due to a 12 year old female residing in the residence. R. Maxwell, K. Anthony investigated.
Mar. 6 – Ronald Thomas Cape, 33, 10 Circle Dr., Williamston was arrested for petie larceny after officers responded to 105 W. Second Street in reference to a complaint. According to reports, David Eugene Bolt, 39, 105 West Second St. stated he observed on a camera monitor, a male taking his kid’s bike from the back of the house. The suspect was confronted pushing the bike down the drive way and was identified as Cape. Cape left the scene running roward W. Fourth St. after throwing a do not enter sign at Bolt and hitting him in the face. Cape was located at 12 W. Fourth St,. and stated he was going to borrow the bike and return it later. He was arrested and transported to ACDC. He was also placed on trespass notice for 105 W. Second St. D. R. Hart investigated.
Mar. 7 – Joe Rayshaun Blanding, 36, 16 Randall St., Williamston reported a brown leather trifold wallet valued at $20 taken from his car. The wallet had no cash but did have a social security card and birth certificate. R. Maxwell investigated.
Mar. 7 – Anderson School District One reported an attempted theft at the maintenance shed on Middleton Blvd. According to reports, a trailer and lawn mower had been jettisoned into the shed’s perimeter fence in an attempt to pull them through the fence. A white D1 Ford Transit van was also reported missing. Cameras at the District Office showed a lone, unidentified male walking on Middleton Blvd. at 3:10 a.m. and then the white van plunging through the fence at 3:23 a.m. After emerging from the fence, the van took a right on Middleton Blvd. in the direction of Ida Tucker Rd., The van was valued at $25,428. C. Samuel investigated.
Mar. 7 – Officers responded to 122 G. St., Williamston in reference to found property including two stop signs, one tractor crossing sign and a “Lockaby Rd” street sign. Williamston Public Works was notified and collected the signs. C. C. Brown investigated.
Mar. 8 – A small pink bag that contained a crystal like substance was found in the parking lot at 100 Town Square Center, Williamston. The bag contained approximatley 1.4 grams of the substance which was placed in evidence to be destroyed. L. B. Culbertson investigated.