Pelzer Town Council holds work session



By Stan Welch
The Pelzer Town Council held a workshop Tuesday afternoon. Mayor Scott was unable to attend. Mayor pro tem Mike Matthews opened three sealed bids for some tree work to be done in the monkey park. Robert Franklin submitted a bid of $15,750; Watkins Tree Service, $8200; and Franklin Tree Service, $17,475. Upon further review of the bid documents, it became obvious that there was confusion among the bidders as to precisely what they were expected to do for their money.
They listed different numbers of trees to be felled, different numbers of stumps to be ground or removed and various levels of work to be done in clearing underbrush. Councilwoman Olene Bear insisted that she and Councilman Eddie Waits had been very specific in telling the various contractors what they expected, but it seemed clear that no written list of requirements existed.
Waits continued to insist on a specific time limit for the work to be completed, as well as a demand that the work be completed before the contractors were paid. Mayor pro tem Matthews and Councilman Gary Pridmore both insisted that references be obtained as well. After considerable discussion, Town Clerk Cheryl Boudreau was tasked with checking references for the three contractors.
It was suggested that another workshop be held just before the next council meeting, ad that the contractors be asked to attend that council meeting to answer any questions the council might have about their individual bids.

Council then moved to the issue of renting the gym out for various activities. Councilman Waits held forth on his insistence that a minimum fee of $250 be imposed, along with a deposit. He also stated that there should be a considerable list of restrictions on what the gym could be used for.
Councilwoman Bear suggested that the rental fee should be linked to the activity planned. She stated that a small gathering that only used a portion of the front part of the gym shouldn’t cost as much as a full blown party or wedding reception. She also recommended that the money raised by rentals be used to renovate and repair the gym.

The next topic discussed was the installation of a drive through window in the side of the town hall, to allow people to pay their water bills more conveniently. The council was reminded that Mayor Scott had purchased a drive through window from the BB&T bank building in Williamston when it was torn down. Boudreau informed them that a drop box would also be handy.

The final item on the agenda was the matter of banners to be used in promoting the town’s weekly farmer’s market. Councilman Waits stated several times that Pelzer had to promote itself, and that he had taken the liberty of ordering some sample banners to show the council. Since no votes can be taken in a workshop format no action was taken on any of the issues.