Williamston Police Report

Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents recently:
Apr. 9 – Chase Weston Pumerantz, 29, 128 Crown St., Williamston reported a computer scam in which he made a purchase for collectible cards valued at $2000 using a third party app to wire the money from one account into another. After the suspect received the money, he failed to produce the merchandise. The case was being forwarded to Detective Culbertson for further investigation. C. C. Brown investigated.
Apr. 18 – Dawn Kinseth, 53, 107 Hickory Run Drive, Easley, reported she left her card to be detailed at Mustangs, 100 E. Main St. and was later advised it was ready around 6:30 p.m. When she arrived on the scene about an hour later, the car was not there. The vehicle was valued at $14,000. R. Maxwell, C. C. Brown investigated.
Apr. 21 – Demetrius Angun Norris, 30, 302 Fletcher St., Anderson was arrested and issued a summons for diving under suspension after an incident in which he and a female attended a wedding in in Greenwood with an 10 month old that did not belong to them. According to reports, the parents of the 10 month old allowed the baby to leave the house with an acquaintance Ivy Owens and her boyfriend Demetrius Norris. However the parents became upset when they found out the wedding was in Greenwood but agreed the child could stay until the wedding was over. The child was to be home at 10 p.m. Officers were dispatched to the house at 9:15 pm and spoke to Owens by phone and she stated they were leaving the wedding and would be there shortly. At 10 pm Owens stated they were still in Donalds County. Officers became concerned that the incident could be becoming a possible kidnapping. Owens’ vehicle eventually pulled up in the driveway and the driver, Norris and Owens were removed from the vehicle and the baby was given to the parents who stated the child appeared to be okay. It was determined that Norris had a suspended license for cancellation of insurance and he was arrested. K. Anthony, D. R. Hart investigated.
Apr. 21 – Stop N Go, 103 Greenville Drive, Williamston reported a young white male in his thirties tried buying two pack of cigarettes and gas with a counterfeit $20 bill. The counterfeit bill will be handed over to the Secret Service for further investigation. T. L. Eichelberger investigated.
Apr. 21 – Emma Danielle Steward, 29,  S Cain Drive, Piedmont reported a Taurus G2C 9MM pistol taken from 16 Mineral Park Ln. The gun was valued at $250.
Apr. 21 – OReilly’s, 402 E. Main St., Williamston reported an unknown male had unlawfully received $6,176.46 worth of miscellaneous merchandise from the store with a fraudulent check. The check used to receive the items was labeled at the top; left corner Cottman transmission total auto care. He left in a red CRV or Jeep. The incident remains under investigation. Sgt. M. Eddleman investigated.
Apr. 22 – Terry Scott Griffin, 33, 111 Parker St., Williamston was arrested after officers were dispatched to 14 Ridge Court in reference to loud music. According to reports, when officers arrived they observed a black Mustang that was unoccupied with music playing very loudly. As officers approached the residence, a white male, Griffin, came around from the rear with a plastic tote containing a flashlight, a steam wan, bug spray and various other small items. Griffin told officers he lived at the residence about a year ago. The residence is owned by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. During a search of Griffin, a plastic baggie contain a crystal like substance field tested positive for methamphetamine was found on his person. Griffin was arrested and transported to ACDC and the vehicle was towed. R. Maxwell, L. B. Culbertson investigated.
Apr. 23 – Nicholas Adam Scyphers, 28, 224 Mauldin St., Williamston was arrested  for simple possession of marijuana after officers were dispatched to 224 Mauldin St., in reference to loud music and drug activity. According to reports,  Scyphers removed a clear plastic baggie that contained a green leaf material. Due to a number of people inside, an Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputy and another Williamston officer were called to assist. A search warrant was obtained. Multiple items used to ingest illegal substances were found and citation were issued to resident of the house. (No additional information avail)
Apr. 11 – James Rudolph Robinson, Jr., 57, 1110 S. Academy St., Ext, Williamston reported that earlier in the day he was picked up from the residence by a friend who was taking him to the store. They became argumentative and he told his friend to take him back home. He got out in the roadway and they began arguing and the suspect friend drove over his foot. When contacted, the suspect friend state the victim was in the roadway and began swinging a propane tank at the suspect while he was sitting in the car. The suspect attempt to leave the location and state the victim fell over as he went by and he did not know if he hit him or not. The incident remains under investigation and was to be presented to a judge. d. R. Hart, K. Anthony investigated.
Apr. 11 – Lou Ann Cheek Oshields, 46, 18171 S. Highway 101, Gray Court reported a handgun valued at $200 taken from her Toyota 4Runner while it was parked in the back parking lot of 14 Greenville Dr.