Around the County . . .

Anderson County (SC) Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:
Animal Shelter
·       We were able to save 93% of the animals in our care this week.
·       Intakes:  109 (25 owner surrender, 1 return adoption, 51 from animal control, 20 strays and 12 transferred in).
·       Outcomes: 49 animals adopted, 4 died, 4 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 2 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 12 were returned to their owners and 18 were sent to rescue.
·       Clinic performed 126 spay/neuter surgeries.
·       7 dogs were treated for heartworms
·       Currently 125 large dogs, 8 small dogs, 21 puppies, 42 cats and 21 kittens in the facility.
·       Currently 142 animals available for adoption and 58 of those animals are altered (41%).
·       Nine (9) animals being held for court.
·       PAWS received $ 5,909.00 in cash donations.
·       Did you know?  The typical gestation period for dogs and cats is only about 63 days.
Building and Codes
·       Permits Submitted: 27 Single-Family Dwellings; 6 Addition/Renovation; 14 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 5 Demolition; 9 Pools; 4 Renewal; 17 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades Including 1 Residential Solar; 8 Commercial Including: 30 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       Drawings submitted: Sign for Burger King in Belton, Duke Foods Warehouse Up-Fit located off Pine Rd, Fruit Punch Ice Cream Shop located off Hwy 24, Hampton Inn Remodel located off Interstate Blvd, Sign for Wendy’s Restaurant and various re-submittals
Project Name
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Verizon Wireless Tower/Briar Patch5/3/2019


Patina Storage
Smith Mill Land Sign – Electrical



Electrical – Smith Mill Landing Dock

No Plan Review Required
Generator for AT&T

No Plan Review Required
New Gas Meter For Anderson County Joint Municipal Water System

No Plan Review Required
HVAC Change-out/Like for Like. Runaway Pray LLC

No Plan Review Required
Charter Power Supply

No Plan Review Required

Development Standards
Site Plan Review:
·       Artrex Industrial Site Pendleton (Final Landscaping)
·       Duke Energy-Lighting plan for Burger King-Highway 187 @Hwy 24
·       Buckley’s Sports Bar located on Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson
·       Hunter’s Commercial Retaining Wall located on Clemson Blvd. Anderson
·       Mirabella, Lot #31
Land Use Permits Approved:
·       LaFrance Elementary School Improvements, Pendleton.
·       Barn @ Sitton Hill Wedding Venue Easley
·       Patina Storage located on Wellington Road-Powdersville.
·       Floodplain Development Permits-Old Lowndnesville Rd, 165 Caledonia, Cabin Cove Road
·       Sullivan’s Hill, a PD, (Planned Development) lots 72, 83, & 85 final approval
Grading Permits Approved:
·       La France Elementary School Improvements, Pendleton.
·       Deepath, Caledonia (bond renewal) Parkview Glen, Chimney Hill
·       GT Legacy Warehouse Pearman Dairy
·       Heritage Pediatrics-Wren School Road
Compliance Issues:
·       Illegal signage (31) removed Highway 81, Oakhill, Crestview, Evergreen, Hopewell, E/W Connector
Fleet Services
·       Opened 183 work orders
·       Closed 142 work orders
·       Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $2.04↓, Diesel $2.35
·       Diesel Mechanic position open
·       Weekly Availability:   95.55 %
·       To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
·       Did you know? Every day there are 3300 deaths and 6600 serious injuries on the road.
Roads & Bridges
·       On Call crew received 2 call outs. 2 downed trees, 6 crew members; 17.25 total hrs.
Sign Crew
·       19 open request, completed 15 request. Replaced directional and parking signs for Dolly Cooper Park and Clyde Spearman Recycle Center.
Bridge Crew
·       Continued work at Crossing (golf Cart, Brookstone Meadows) on Scotts Bridge Rd. (walls failing, integrity of shoulders of road in danger).
Asphalt Crew
·       Repaired 15 potholes (request [100%]), 15 driveway aprons,
Ditching/Driveway Crew
·       8 driveways, 900 feet ditching.
Grading/Culvert Crew
·       Shiloh Church Rd. Project, Rebuilding shoulders to new road grade. Completed culvert repairs on (3 roads) Drake Rd., Hogg Rd., and Big Woods Cir.
Vegetation Crew
·       Mowing season started April 1st.
·       13 tree request received, completed 17 tree task.
·       Mowing operation; section: 1 round 1
·       Mowing operation; section: 2 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 3 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 4 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 5 round 3
·       Mowing operation; section: 6 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 7 round 2
·       13 Herbicide task completed
Engineering Crew
·       Completed pavement evaluations for 5 pavement segments.
·       1 Locate for Contractor.
·       7 Encroachment Inspections completed, (4 Final Inspections)
·       10 Paving estimates completed. 3 County Road Issues completed. 1 Staff attending Asphalt Roadway Technician Class.
·       3 Subdivision Inspections completed. 4 Encroachment Permits, 2 Right of Way Inquiries.
·       Pavement Marking Contract: 7 roads have received new Markings.
·       2 Right of way Inquiries, 7 Right of Way Projects (5 parcels awaiting closing, 12 Parcels on hold, 2 parcels negotiating.
·       Approved permit for Landscaping on Innovation Way.
·       SCDOT proposing to convey (right-of-way) obtained on Cathey Rd. to Anderson County. (ROW) obtained for the relocation of Cathey Rd. with Concord Rd. Roundabout Project.

Projects in Review Queue
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Woodglen Sub.
Woodglen Sub.

·       No Personal Injury Reported
·       One Tort/Property Claims Reported
·       Host Mower Safety Class
·       Facilitating The Ariel Boom Lift Certification Class
·       Three Work Zone Audits
·       Complied and reported the 2018 training offered to Upstate SC APWA for the SC chapter PACE award application
·       Coordinating the Upcoming First Aid, CPR and AED Training ( June 2019)
Solid Waste
·       There will be a Shred Day on June 22, 2019 at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center from 10:00am until 1:00pm.
·       The Great Anderson County Cleanup runs from March 2019 through the end of May 2019 in conjunction with the Great American Cleanup. The total count on litter bags picked up at this time by volunteers and Detention Center Litter Crew is 6444 and 563 illegally dumped waste tires. We appreciate everyone continuing to volunteer their time in picking up litter in Anderson County.
·       Environmental Enforcement responded to an illegal dumping on Bevlyn Rd. The material that was dumped turned out to be stolen property. The property was returned to the rightful owner.
·       The Starr C&D Landfill had its monthly routine DHEC inspection on May 28, 2019. The Landfill met or exceeded regulatory requirements.
·       Staff assisted Parks and Recreation with preparing for the Saluda River Rally Run by cutting grass, furnishing 95-gallon roll-carts for trash and other things as needed.
·       Keep Anderson County Beautiful had their monthly meeting to finalize edits on the bylaws, discuss new projects and the upcoming Shred Day.
·       KACB met with Mallory Coffey, the Keep South Carolina Beautiful Director, to go over Bylaw changes and updates. She also gave direction for the planning of new projects for the affiliate.
·       Staff is working at the King David Convenience Center to rip rap the large ditch area and trimming trees around the site.
·       Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We have 75 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.
·       We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 2 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       Did you know? On Thursday, May 23, the North Carolina Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Senate Committee approved the Regulatory Reform Act of 2019 (Senate Bill 553). Part II of the bill will repeal the Landfill ban for discarded computers & televisions.
·       Received new application for Burger King – Anderson.
·       Approval issued and pre-con held for Residence Inn By Marriott.
·       Reviews were conducted for Powertrac (1st), Spinx – Store #135 Major Modifcation (1st), and Site Improvements for Electrolux Major Modification (1st).
·       Major modification was approved for Site Improvements for Electrolux.

·       Staff attended a Fats, Oil and Grease workshop hosted by Anderson County Wastewater at the Anderson County Library. Fats, oils and grease can be a cause of sewer overflows and contribute to bacteria pollution in waterways.
·       Did you know? Polluted stormwater negatively impacts local natural resources that provide important activities such as
fishing, swimming, and boating.Projects in Review Queue
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review

Breckenridge Subdivision

Burger King – Anderson

Electrolux Major Modification
Paradise Vista Single Family Homes

River Road Storage

Robert Bosch, LLC – Access Drive

Spinx – Store #135 Major Modification

Town of Iva
·       Running balance $814,863.85.
·       Hosted Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) training class at Anderson County Main Library on May 29.  We had 17 attendees from various wastewater and stormwater agencies in the upstate.  Our trainers were from North Charleston Sewer District.  They did an excellent and informative presentation.  Feedback from attendees has been positive. We gained a great deal of information that will be helpful in getting our own FOG Program started on a positive note.
·       The following ROW’s were cut this week: The Lakes pump station, Santens, Snow Rd., Broadway, Richard Campbell Nursing Home, and Broadview.
·       Dylan Fant obtained his CDL License this week in Greenwood, S.C.

·       Received Permit to Operate for new sewer line serving Arthrex Project.
·       Attended meeting with ReWa about Powdersville sewer.
·       Provided sewer infrastructure map for proposed development that would tie-into new Welpine   sewer line.Projects in Review Queue
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Barrington Creek Phase 1
Under Const.

Deerpath Subdivision
Under Const

Rivermill Phase II
Under Const

Rogers Knoll Phase II
Under Const

Shakleburg Farms
Under Const

Smith Mill Landing
Under Const

Sullivan Hills Phase II
Under Const

Yorkshire Farms
Under Const

6&20 WWTP
·       Hauled sludge to landfill and cleaned three drying beds. The hot dry weather has greatly decreased the sludge drying time on the drying beds.
·       Cleaned and flushed Ultraviolet disinfection channel.
·       Created an anoxic zone in the aeration to help reduce nitrates in the bio-mass. The anoxic zone will help remove phosphorous and prevent any solids from floating up in the clarifier.
Pump Station
·       Continued working on The Lakes Pump Station upgrade, mounted the control panels and running all the wire, and conduit. Met with Duke Power about supplying power to the new meter that will be installed.
·       Pulled pump #2 at the East Lagoon and pump #1 at Northbound because of long run times and found trash in the impellers. Cleaned the trash out and put pumps back into service.
·       Environmental Enforcement was able to assist Parks and Recreation by catching 3 teenagers littering at the Green Pond Event Center on a live feed to the Parks and Recreation Department. Parks staff was able to see these teenagers littering at the site and Enforcement reacted quickly to catch them. All received maximum fines of $1,087.50.
·       Contractor installing Phase 2 @ Rogers Knoll has completed the installation of the taps off the original main that was installed during Phase 1. They could not install the taps due to that they were not permitted for that phase of the project but the mains ran through the 2nd phase in order to reach the tie-in point for discharge.  They are now installing the mains for this phase with 1 manhole set and laying pipe towards the 2nd manhole.
·       Anderson County held a Pre-con @ Wren Middle School for the Utility upgrade that is taking place currently onsite. The project will be divided into 4 separate phases that will extend over the course of several years in order to accommodate the schools operating class schedules.