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Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:
Animal Shelter
·       We were able to save 90% of the animals in our care this week.
·       Intakes:  113 (52 owner surrender, 1 return adoption, 30 from animal control, 30 strays and 0 transferred in).
·       Outcomes: 36 animals adopted, 4 died, 7 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 1 animal was owner requested euthanasia, 7 were returned to their owners and 9 were sent to rescue.
·       Clinic performed 111 spay/neuter surgeries.
·       5 dogs were treated for heartworms
·       Currently 133 large dogs, 12 small dogs, 9 puppies, 70 cats and 40 kittens in the facility.
·       Currently 171 animals available for adoption and 78 of those animals are altered (46%).
·       There are 7 animals being held for court.
·       May 30th –June 6th PAWS assisted in 3 cat hoarding cases.  We handled over 139 cats for that week.
·       PAWS received $ 826.00 in cash donations.
·       Construction began on the new PAWS Dog Park.
·       May Stats:
o   We were able to save 94% of the animals in our care.
o   Intakes:  475 (137 owner surrender, 9 return adoptions, 202 from animal control, 85 strays and 42 transferred).
o   Outcomes: 176 animals adopted, 13 died, 17 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 10 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 43 were returned to their owners and 105 were sent to rescue.
o   Clinic performed 453 spay/neuter surgeries.
o   17 dogs were treated for heartworms
o   PAWS received $ 8,662.06 in cash donations.
Building and Codes
·       Plan Review Staff Meetings: 1) Met with Architect to discuss code requirements for a small addition onto an existing business. Plans to be submitted at a later date.
·       Permits submitted: 14 Single-Family Dwellings; 6 Addition/Renovation; 4 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 4 Demolition; 3 Pool Permits; 4 Replacement; 51Electrical and HVAC Upgrades Including 3 Residential Solar; 6 Commercial Including: Electrical for Stolen CT Can Cover at ACS Lakeside Square, Electrical for Meter Change-out for Burton Office, Electrical to Temporary Office Trailer for TCTC Foundation, Electrical to Change to Underground Service for Anderson County Wastewater, AT&T Co-Locate, HVAC Replacement for Powell LLC. (No Plan Review Required for these permits); 14 Mobile Home including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
·       Drawings submitted: Big Creek and Hammond Water District Office located off Hwy 29 in Belton, Electrical for Clemson Grove RV Park Phase II, Dazzlers Sports Bar located off Pearman Dairy Rd, VIP Nails Up-Fit located at Station Drive and various re-submittals
·       May Stats:
o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits down 27% Compared to May 2018 (79 to 58)
o   Revenue up 6% Compared to May 2018 ($90,597.10 to $96,432.40)
o   Total of 840 permits/transactions – Down 5% Compared to May 2018 (880): 219 Building, 256 Electrical, 115 Plumbing, 112 HVAC, 82 Mobile Homes, 12 Demolition, 15 Moving, 29 Miscellaneous
Development Standards
·       Land Use Permits Approved:
o   Palmetto Middle School-Williamston
o   Floodplain Development Permit Caledonia Lot #39
o   Floodplain Development Permit 777 Senate Parkway, Anderson
·       Grading Permits Approved:
o   Palmetto Middle School-Williamston

Projects in Review
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Residence Inn by Marriott
16 Days
Palmetto Middle School
Bond Referendum/School Board/Town of Williamston 113 Days
Hunter Commercial Project

5 Days
Woodglen Preliminary Plat

20 Days

·       May Stats:
o   Land Use Permits Approved, 170
o   Septic Tank Permits, 72
o   Individual Summary Plats, 52
o   Commercial Up-fits, 8
o   Home Based Business, 1
o   Compliances issues, 10
Fleet Services
Closed 136 work orders
Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $22.03↓, Diesel $2.34↑
Solid Waste received 2 pieces of equipment this week.  They are in the pre-delivery stage
·       Weekly Availability:   95.57 %
·       To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
·       May Stats:
o   Total Auction Sales: $9,699
o   Unleaded      50,443 gallons     $110,217.12
o   Diesel            12,553 gallons      $30,996.39
o   Totals                                        $141,213.51
o   Closed work orders – 627
o   Monthly Availability:   95.10 %
Roads & Bridges
·       On Call crew received 2 call outs. 2 downed trees, 4 crew members; 12 total hrs.
Sign Crew
·       12 open request, completed 19 request. Completed 10 task for Engineering Dept.
Bridge Crew
·       Continued work at Crossing (golf Cart, Brookstone Meadows) on Scotts Bridge Rd. (walls failing, integrity of shoulders of road in danger).
Asphalt/Driveway Crew
·       Repaired 24 potholes (request [100%]), 7 driveway aprons, 4 Culvert replaced, 2 prepare for apron, 3 Full Depth Patch, ( Peach Orchard Dr., Von Hollen Dr., Spearman Circle. )
·       12 driveways, 600 feet ditching, 10 remove debris from ditch line.
Grading/Culvert Crew
·       Gravel Road maintenance, Joyo Rd., Installed Construction Entrance for PAWS Dog Park Project.
Vegetation Crew
·       Mowing season started April 1st.
·       14 tree request received, completed 15 tree task.
·       Mowing operation; section: 1 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 2 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 3 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 4 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 5 round 3
·       Mowing operation; section: 6 round 2
·       Mowing operation; section: 7 round 2
·       8 Herbicide task completed
Engineering Crew
·       Completed pavement evaluations for 13 pavement segments.
·       4 Locate for Contractor. Sent out 22 Annual Blanket Permits to Utilities for Encroachment Permits.
·       6 Encroachment Inspections completed, (2 Final Inspections)
·       4 Paving estimates completed. 3 County Road Issues completed. 7 Plan Approvals for Encroachment Permits, 3 Investigate Task completed.
·       1 Subdivision Inspections completed. 5 Encroachment Permits, 2 Right of Way Inquiries. 1 Private Property issue completed.
·       Pavement Marking Contract: 25 roads have received new Markings.
·       2 Right-of-way Inquiries, 7 Right of Way Projects (5 parcels awaiting closing, 12 Parcels on hold, 3 parcels negotiating.
·       The Preliminary Plat and Traffic Study for Woodglen Subdivision was resubmitted on 5/30/2019
·       May Stats:
o   On Call, 12 Call outs for a total of 91.25 hrs. 450 New Request, 509 Closed Request, 537 Open Request., Encroachment Permits; 19, $1,731.75 (Total for Yr. 170, $17,104.60)

Projects in Review Queue
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Woodglen Sub. Plat
Review in Progress
Woodglen Sub. Traffic Study
Review in Progress

·       One Tort/Property Claim
·       Five safety meetings: Topics- Stormwater Training (Jon Batson), Safety Update, National Safety Month, and Five Ways to Avoid Injury At Work
·       Two New Employee Safety Orientation Classes
·       Taught one First Aid, CPR, AED Class
·       Facilitated Boom Lift Class
·       May Stats:
o   OSHA Recordable:1 (YTD:2)
o   Lost Time:2 (YTD:4)
o   Near Miss: 3 (YTD: 19)
o   Workers Compensation Claims: $5270
o   Tort/Property Claim: $85,558
Solid Waste
·       There will be a Shred Day on June 22, 2019 at the Balloon Launch Field at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center from 10:00am until 1:00pm.
·       Staff assisted with Parks and Recreation at the Saluda River Rally by taking care of trash necessities, hauling kayaks and participates to designated areas and removing one of the docks uses in the event.
·       The Starr C&D Landfill had its monthly routine inspection on June 3, 2019. The landfill met or exceeded all regulatory requirements.
·       Staff provided two 40-yard containers for a demolition project on E Street for Leadership Anderson.
·       Staff picked up 75 bags of litter from a cleanup project on Martha Drive due to an individual scavenging in the area.
·       Staff attended safety training on chemical spill cleanups.
·       Staff attended CPR and First Aid Training at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center.
·       Staff had a meeting with the Carolina Recycling Association on education and outreach.
·       Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We have 75 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.
·       We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 4 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
·       May Stats:
o   486.01 Recyclable tons, 23.53 E-Waste tons, 169.21 Tire tonnages and 2627 Gallons Waste Oil.
o   Anderson Regional Landfill: 5971.28 tons of municipal Solid Waste at a cost of $142,713.59.
o   Hauling contractor hauled 700 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of $81,900.00.
o   Starr Landfill Tonnages:
§  Construction & Demolition (2,223.33 C&D) tons {17,452.44 YTD tons}.
§  Land Clearing Debris (1,655.81 LCD) tons {12,844.41 YTD tons}.
§  30,296.85 Total Tons for the Year
·       Environmental Enforcement May Stats:  178 Calls, 26 Warnings, 4 Assisting Another Agency, 26 Clean-Up Orders, 3 Clean-Up Order Citations, 3 Unlawful Dumping, 3 Litter Citations, 0 Uncovered Load Citations, and 0 State Citations. Total Fines requested $9,625.00.
·       Did You Know?  In a recent poll, 75% of Americans admitted to having littered in the past five years.
·       Reviews were conducted for River Road Storage (1st) and Robert Bosch Access Drive (1st).
·       May Stats:
o   New Applications: 4
o   Resubmittals: 5
o   Reviews: 6
o   Pre-cons/Approvals: 2
o   Major Modifications Approved: 1
o   Permits Terminated: 3

Projects in Review Queue
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Breckenridge Subdivision

Burger King – Anderson

Liberty Dollar General

Paradise Vista Single Family Homes
River Road Storage
Robert Bosch, LLC – Access Drive

Did you know? Smart landscaping such as planting trees on shorelines and heavy shrubbery on factory and agriculture borders can halt polluted stormwater and make a big difference in preventing water pollution.
·       Town of Iva
o   Running balance $814,863.85.
·       Pretreatment