Pelzer approves $1.1 million budget – Mayor Scott presides at meeting

The Pelzer Town Council, with Mayor Roger Scott present and presiding, gave final approval reading to their 2019-20 budget during a special called meeting held Tuesday.
The meeting was brief and the budget was approved unanimously by the mayor and councilmembers Gary Pridmore, Eddie Waits and Mike Matthews. Councilmember Olene Bear was not present.
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Matthews said the budget was approved with $2000 being added for recreation, some funding for a part-time employee and additional funding for police protection to increase to five days.
Matthews said Scott thanked the council members and citizens for their support while dealing with health issues and that he “appreciates their prayers.”
The meeting is the first Scott has attended since he began having health issues around the first of the year.
The $1,129,505 budget is balanced with revenues and expenditures. The budget reflects an increase in revenues of $123,174 and an increase in expenditures totaling $160,874 over last year.
The budget shows an increase in general fund revenues of almost $9000, due almost entirely to an increase of seven thousand dollars in franchise fees received by the town. The projected expenses for the general fund total $205,185, up almost $29,000. That increase includes just over $11,000 in pay increases for employees, though the pay for the mayor and council members will be unchanged. The total estimated revenues for the public works budget are $893,320, an increase of $128,000. Projected expenses for the department’s operations are a precise match. A lot of the increase results from a sizable increase ($125,000) in the reserves established in anticipation of  possible capital  projects. An additional $65,000 is budgeted for a contingency fund, an increase of sixty thousand dollars. A salary for a part time helper for Mark Vickery would add an additional $12,872.
The budget also reflects a reduction in the water contract agreement with Greenville Water of $44,000, and a cut in professional service (Goldie & Assoc.) of more than $43,000.
In the hospitality budget, a significant reduction ($14,880) in maintenance and beautification expenses accounts for the cutting of that budget from $44,132 to $30,000.