Ex-husband charged in fatal Piedmont shooting

By Stan Welch
A set of personal circumstances erupted into violence last Friday, ending in the shooting deaths of two people in Piedmont.  Tony Mitchell Robinson, 51, was arrested and charged with two counts of murder.
According to reports, a sixteen year old witness stated Robinson appeared at 110 Lilly Maid Drive, a residence shared by Robinson’s ex-wife, Lisa Faith Robinson and Patrick Joseph Sierra.
The unnamed witness called 911 at approximately 10:30 am and reported the double shootings. Both victims were shot at least once with a handgun. (The Anderson County Coroner’s Office, upon instruction of the Solicitor, no longer releases the caliber of the firearm or firearms used; nor do they release the number of wounds.)
Deputy Coroner Don McCown did confirm that a handgun was used and that both victims were declared dead at the scene. According to reports, both the alleged perpetrator and the witness, who was unharmed, remained at the scene until law enforcement arrived.
Photo – Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigate at the scene of a double homicide Friday in Piedmont.