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Anderson County Public Works Department reported the following projects underway:
Building and Codes
The SC Building Codes Council has adopted the 2018 Edition of the International Codes, with amendments, and will go into effect beginning January 1, 2020. This also includes Appendix Q – Tiny Homes of the 2018 International Residential Code. This will apply to homes built that are 400 sf or less in floor area excluding lofts.
Permits submitted: 46 Single-Family Dwellings; 13 Addition/Renovation; 8 Detached Garage/Accessory Buildings; 6 Demolition; 3 Pool; 2 Replacement; 43 Electrical and HVAC Upgrades including 5 Residential Solar; 11 Commercial Including:
Project Name
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Bracken Office Conversion
Hampton Inn – Renovation
Loves Truck Stop – Electrical Meter Base ReplacementNo Plan Review Required
Wendy’s Pylon Sign
Wild Wing Café – Replace HVACNo Plan Review Required
New Electrical Meter Base for Walker Farms

No Plan Review Required
Hunter Retaining Wall
HVAC Replacement – Existing Business

No Plan Review Req.
Electrical Meter Base – Duke Energy

No Plan Review Required
Electrical Meter Upgrade for Existing Business – Splitting Service

No Plan Review Required
TTI Direct Tool Factory Outlet

51 Mobile Home permits including: New Homes, Change of Ownership, moves from other counties, change of location, etc.
Drawings submitted: McDonald’s Interior Renovation Hwy 81 N, Up-Fit for Parkside Pediatrics in Powdersville, 106 Pack Rd – Roof Mount Solar, 107 Corporate Dr – Electrical Service, 122 Wyatt Rd – Ground Mount Solar, 300 Fine Trail – Roof Mount Solar, 43 Hidden Falls Dr – Roof Mount Solar, 509 Elderberry Ln – Roof Mount Solar and various re-submittals
June Stats:
o   New Single-Family & Multi-Family Dwelling permits down 8% Compared to June 2018 (71 to 65)
o   Revenue down 60% Compared to June 2018 ($177,367.00 to $71,203.80)
o   Total of 759 permits/transactions – Down 15% Compared to June 2018 (898): 199 Building, 189 Electrical, 132 Plumbing, 128 HVAC, 51 Mobile Homes, 15 Demolition, 8 Moving, 37 Miscellaneous
Development Standards
Site Plan Review:
o   First Quality Tissue
o   TTI Ryobi Drive
o   Duke Energy Maintenance Shed Pearman Dairy Road
o   Humana Medical-Highway 28
o   Dollar General Mt View Road
o   Sandy Grounds RV & Boat Center Highway 28 & 76
Grading Permits Approved:
o   Wren Middle School
o   Robert Bosch Expansion Highway 81
o   Burger King Highway 24
o   Brownstone Wedding Venue – Levis Smith Road
o   Woodglen Approved by Planning Commission
June Stats:
o   Land Use Permits, 144
o   Septic Tanks, 83
o   Individual Summary Plats, 48
o   Commercial Up-fits, 9
o   Home Based Business, 4
o   Compliances issues, 5
Fleet Services
Closed 156 work orders
Fuel Prices: Unleaded: $2.00↑, Diesel $2.34↑
Sheriff’s Office received 1 new unit this week.  It is in the pre-delivery stage
Weekly Availability:   95.57 %
To see a listing of vehicles and equipment being sold visit the Anderson County Website at  click ‘Online Auction’ to view inventory and register.
June Stats:
o   Total Auction Sales: $35,493.25
o   Unleaded      47,031 gallons     $93,819.00
o   Diesel            11,465 gallons      $26,731.26
o   Totals                                          $120,550.26
o   Closed work orders – 587
o   Monthly Availability:   95.10 %
Year End Stats:
o   Total Auction Sales: $243,735.73
o   Unleaded     561,061 gallons     $1,164,787.02
o   Diesel            133,448 gallons        $330,670.99
o   Totals                                             $1,495,458.01
o   Closed work orders – 6,554
Roads & Bridges
On Call crew week of 6-27 thru 7-3 received 9 call outs. 7 downed trees, 1 sink hole, 1 litter in road.  6 crew members; 63 total hrs.
On Call crew received 6 call outs. 6 downed trees, 4 crew members; 38 total hrs.
11 open positions and 2 employees out on FMLA
Sign Crew
21 open Request, 30 completed Request.  Provided Traffic control on Cox Rd. for grading crew to repair pipe.
Bridge Crew
Completed crossing on Scotts Bridge Rd. (golf Cart, Brookstone Meadows). Installing guardrails at multiple locations on Scotts Bridge Rd.

Asphalt/Driveway Crew
Repaired 31 potholes (request [85%]), 9 Culverts new/replaced, 48 aprons, 3 cut and add crush n run, 3 full depth patch.
10 driveways, 1725 feet ditching, 6 cut and add crush-n-run stone for driveway access.
Grading/Culvert Crew
2 culvert repairs; Fennel Rd and Cox Rd, assisted Asphalt Crew with driveway aprons, began work on Wellington Park Project parking area.
Vegetation Crew
Mowing season started April 1st.
33 tree request received, completed 32 tree task.
Mowing operation; section: 1 round 2
Mowing operation; section: 2 round 3
Mowing operation; section: 3 round 2
Mowing operation; section: 4 round 2
Mowing operation; section: 5 round 4
Mowing operation; section: 6 round 3
Mowing operation; section: 7 round 3
18 Herbicide task completed
Engineering Crew
Completed Pavement Evaluations for 6 Pavement Segments.
25 Encroachment Inspections completed, (13 Final Inspections), 3 Locates for Contractors.
18 Plan Approval for Encroachment Permit, 12 Investigate Task completed.
4 Right-of-Way Projects (6 Projects, 4 awaiting closing, 1 negotiating, 12 on hold).
19 Paving estimates completed. 3 subdivision Inspections. 1 Traffic Study Completed.
4 Right-of-way Inquiries.
Inquiries regarding abandoning Beehive Blvd. for future development.
4 County Road Issues completed. 20 Encroachment Permits.Projects in Review Queue
Date Received
Date Completed
Days In Review
Spencer’s Trail Subdivision Construction Plans
In Progress
In ProgressJune Stats:
o   On Call, 75 Call outs for a total of 271 hrs. 471 New Request, 387 Closed Request, 530 Open Request., Encroachment Permits; 29, $10,201.00 (Total for Yr. 199, $27,305.60)
One Near Miss Reported
Two Forklift Certification Classes
Three Safety Meeting: Topics covered Heat Stress, Safety Update, Worker Compensation Claims, Tort/Property Claim
One New Employee Safety Orientation Class
June Stats:
o   OSHA Recordable: 2 (YTD: 4)
o   Lost Time: 0 (YTD: 5)
o   Near Miss: 1 (YTD: 20)
o   Workers Compensation Claims Dollar Amount $5270
o   Tort/Property Claims: $85,559
Solid Waste
A fire broke out at the Starr Landfill on the C&D Cell on July 9, 2019 around 10:30pm. The Starr Fire Department and Landfill Staff responded immediately to have the fire out around 1:30am. Staff monitored the area and put more dirt on the area until morning. DHEC was contacted by the Solid Waste Director. They were pleased with the quick response of the Starr Fire Department and staff. The fire is suspicious due to staff had not worked in that area in a week and a half.
DHEC inspected the Starr Solid Waste Class One and Two Landfills on July 10, 2019 which was a routine inspection. The Class One LCD met or exceeded regulatory requirements. The Class Two C&D met or exceeded regulatory requirements in all areas except where the fire was located due to a break- down of our Caterpillar Pan. We were unable to finish covering the area with dirt that morning.
Installed a new double 95-gallon roll-cart receptacle at Hurricane Creek Boat Ramp. Individuals intentionally backed up into the receptacle damaging it. Staff is in the process of getting materials to fix the issue.
Staff assisted with putting in a concrete pad at the Wren Recycling Center for a new compactor for recyclables. The site has been growing so much that 8-yard containers cannot handle the capacity.
Staff met with Roads & Bridges on repairing some asphalt issues at the Wren Recycling Center.
Staff has continued to do some cleaning, painting and upgrading signage at the Friendship Convenience Center and Wren Recycling Center.
Staff assisted Meal on Wheels by providing Trash Barrels for their Lake Hartwell Poker Run.
Staff provided a 40-yard container for Leadership Anderson on a housing project on E Street.
Environmental Enforcement are patrolling some of the County Parks due to litter issues. One resident was charged for littering a Paul’s Landing at Broadway Lake.
Environmental Enforcement educated residents at Whitefield, King David, White Street and Carswell Convenience Centers.
Environmental Enforcement charged 2 individuals with illegal dumping on Prairie Lane and Pineland Meadows Road.
Keep Anderson County Beautiful Coordinator and Board Members completed the Annual Litter Index for Keep America Beautiful. Environmental Enforcement assisted in completing the route. The information was submitted in the Community Appearance Index for our required reporting.
Keep South Carolina Beautiful hosted an online training session for the new reporting system and staff participated in the online training via conference call.
Staff continues to work to recruit Adopt-A-Spot groups to help clean up the littered roads and areas in our county. We have 75 active Adopt-A-Spot groups.
We have 2 inmates for the convenience centers and 4 for the MRF this week due to a shortage of inmates on work detail at the Detention Center.
Solid Waste has 2 Full-time vacancies in the department which includes 1 Equipment Operator and 1 Laborer. We also have 3 Part-Time Ambassador vacancies.
June Stats:
o   662.96 Recyclable tons, 17.31 E-Waste tons, 50.56 Tire tonnages and 3029 Gallons Waste Oil.
o   Anderson Regional Landfill: 5830.78 tons of municipal Solid Waste at a cost of $139,355.64.
o   Hauling contractor hauled 665 containers from Convenience Centers at a cost of $77,805.00.
o   Starr Landfill Tonnages:
§  Construction & Demolition (2,096.39 C&D) tons {19,548.83 YTD tons}.
§  Land Clearing Debris (1,324.49 LCD) tons {14,168.90 YTD tons}.
§  33,717.73 Total Tons for the Year

Environmental Enforcement June Stats:  153 Calls, 17 Warnings, 2 Assisting Another Agency, 24 Clean-Up Orders, 1 Clean-Up Order Citations, 3 Unlawful Dumping, 3 Litter Citations, 0 Uncovered Load Citations, and 1 State Citations. Total Fines requested $6,785.00.
Did You Know? That about 76 percent of the 51 billion pieces of litter appearing on U.S. roadways last year came from motorists.
New applications were submitted for Longshore Ridge Subdivision, Spencer’s Trail Subdivision, Carolina Tarp, 7/11 Piedmont, and NW White Trucking.
Received resubmittals for Burger King – Anderson, River Rd Storage, and Wren Woods Subdivision major modification.
Reviews were conducted for Burger King – Anderson (2nd), Breckenridge Subdivision (3rd), 7/11 on Highway 29 (1st).
Permit was terminated for Inlet Pointe Subdivision.
Did You Know? The Mississippi River carries an estimated 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution into the Gulf of Mexico each year, creating a “dead zone” in the Gulf each summer about the size of New Jersey.
June Stats:
o   New Applications: 5
o   Resubmittals: 5
o   Reviews: 7
o   Pre-Cons/ Approvals: 1
o   Terminations: 1
o   Major Modifications Approved: 1
o   Inspections: 52 sediment/erosion control, 0 post-construction, 0 county facility & 2 industrial stormwater
Town of Iva
Running balance $827,721.03.
Completed lab data spreadsheet for the month of June, 2019; submitted to lab for preparation of the DMR.
Received a proof of the FOG Educational Video that we are working with the City of Anderson to purchase jointly.  It is nicely done and found to be acceptable.
Began developing a Food Service Establishment (FSE) list in our service area.  The list will contain FSE Name, address, phone number, contact information, etc.  This can be used for mail outs as well as our initial inspection check sheet. Prioritizing the areas that need attention first.
Mowed along Hwy 76 from I-85 to Pendleton. Started mowing in Brookstone Meadows, but had to stop due to equipment problems.
Found a missing manhole using the camera and locator in Ashwood Subdivision. The manhole was covered with asphalt.
Provided sewer infrastructure information for developer.
Issued O&M letter form for Rivermill Phase 2.
Answered questions for Powdersville sanitary sewer transfer to ReWa.
Mailed letter to the developer allowing extension of temporary permit to operate for Oaks @ Shiloh Phase II.

Project Name
Number of
Lots connected
Preliminary Review Submittal Date
Prelim Review
Completion Date
Delegated Review
Submittal Date
DRP Review Completion Date
Barrington Creek Phase 1 Subdivision
Chimney Hill Subdivision

Deerpath Subdivision

Hwy 86 and Blossom Rd Subdivision

Pheasants Ridge Phase IV Subdivision

Rivermill Phase II Subdivision
Rogers Knoll Subdivision

Rogers Knoll Phase II Subdivision

Shackleburg Farms Subdivision

Smith Mill Landing Subdivision
Sullivan Hills Phase II Subdivision

Yorkshire Farms

Total lots –                402
Project Name
DHEC Submittal Date
Construction Permit Issued
Construction Date
Construction Complete Date
Permit to Operator Submittal
PTO submittal review complete
PTO Issued by DHEC
Barrington Creek Phase 1 Subdivision

Chimney Hill Subdivision

Deerpath Subdivision

Hwy 86 and Blossom Rd Subdivision

Pheasants Ridge Phase IV Subdivision

Rivermill Phase II Subdivision



Rogers Knoll Subdivision


Rogers Knoll Phase II Subdivision

Shackleburg Farms Subdivision

Smith Mill Landing Subdivision

Sullivan Hills Phase II Subdivision

Yorkshire Farms

6&20 WWTP
Collected 24-hour composite and grab samples from Influent and Effluent for first monthly parameter tests required by SCDHEC. All parameter tests are within required limits.
Collected 24-hour composite Effluent samples on Monday, Wednesday and Friday last week for toxicity testing. This toxicity test will be reportable.
The new transformer that was replaced on pump #3 at the 6&20 pump station did not correct the problem. Wastewater personnel removed the entire control panel for that pump and found a bad breaker and wire that connects to the bus bars. A new breaker has been ordered and will be installed when it arrives. This breaker supplies power to pump motor number three only, the other two pumps are operating properly.
Cleaned three drying beds and filled two with wasted sludge from the digester.
Pump Station
Cleaned both check valves at Wren Middle School due to trash, which was causing the valve to close all the way and creating long run time for the pumps.
Cleaned check valve #2 at Vantage due to trash from the construction of the apartments that will send flow to this pump station.
Pumped trash and grease out of wet wells at WCI, Liberty Hwy., Glen Raven, Hwy 86 #2, and Hwy. 86 #3.
Replaced Mission Alarm Batteries at Neal’s Creek and Liberty Hwy. these batteries are critical for the alarms at our pump stations, they alert us when there is a power outage.
Pre-construction meeting was held for the Wren Middle School rehab. We reviewed and discussed the site drawings for the job with the contractor onsite. Contractor was informed of the testing regulations and standards that are required by all parties including SCDHEC.
Information from the I-trackers that are in use for our I&I study in Stonehaven Sub. was recorded this week by our personnel to be submitted to the assisting engineering firm for analyzation.
Contractor that installed Phase II @ Rogers Knoll performed the mandrel pull and low pressure air testing for the newly installed sewer system this week. Once the binder for the road is installed they can then proceed with the vacuum testing of the manholes. Once this testing is complete we can then proceed with submitting the finalized paper work to SCDHEC.
After Hour Calls
Liberty Highway, Hurricane Creek, Charlie T’s, & Leeward Landing all had loss of power due to a reclosure malfunction on a power pole. Outage/8 hrs. overtime
Emergency Locate off River Rd./1.5 hrs. overtime
Backup High level @ Hembree Creek PS/2 hrs. overtime
June Stats:
ROW – 35,700 feet
811 locates – 590
Inspections – 13
Capacity fees – $31,600
Permits – 33
Sludge – 10.32 ton


Public Works Weekly 19-07-12
.Animal Shelter
Saved 98% of the animals in our care.
Intakes: 84 (13 owner surrender, 0 return adoptions, 42 from animal control, 27 strays and 2 transferred in).
Outcomes: 54 animals adopted, 0 died, 2 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 1 animal was owner requested euthanasia, 9 were returned to their owners and 15 were sent to rescue.
Clinic performed 114 spay/neuter surgeries.
9 dogs were treated for heartworms
Currently 129 large dogs, 11 small dogs, 15 puppies, 58 cats and 50 kittens in the facility.
15 animals being held for court.
PAWS received $2,460.49 in donations
The state wide adoption event PickMeSC begins today and runs through Sunday.  PAWS will be open all weekend and is hosting Union County, Abbeville County and Laurens County.  The goal is to adopt out 1,500 animals across the state.
Did you know? Dog owners walk an average of 5 hours per week, while people without dogs walk only about 2 hours, 48 minutes.  Dogs make us healthier and lead to happier lives.  Come adopt today.
June Stats:
o   Saved 91% of the animals in our care for the month.
o   Intakes: 562 (106 owner surrender, 11 return adoptions, 295 from animal control, 142 strays and 8 transferred in).
o   Outcomes: 239 animals adopted, 28 died, 24 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 6 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 39 were returned to their owners and 96 were sent to rescue.
o   Clinic performed 569 spay/neuter surgeries.
o   16 dogs were treated for heartworms
o   PAWS received $14,317.59 in donations