Anderson County approves letter of intent for Pelzer Heritage cleanup grant

By Stan Welch
In a brief, businesslike meeting, Anderson County Council approved several expenditures, and voted to accept grants.
Following a report by the finance committee chairman, Councilman Brett Sanders, Council voted on several items. The committee report was advanced on the agenda to insure the members had the information needed to cast informed votes. Once so informed, the council voted to purchase several compactors for use by the solid waste department.
They also approved a letter of intent that clears the way for the Pelzer Heritage Commission to receive a three hundred thousand dollar grant to be used in cleanup operations at the mill site. The PHC, as a non-profit organization, has functioned as the pass through mechanism for such grants, since the county cannot receive such funds.
Five thousand dollars was allocated to the Belton Chili Cook Off festival; an expenditure that Councilwoman Gracie Floyd challenged on the grounds that the necessary application was not received. County administrator Rusty Burns explained that the long time chairman of the festival had stepped down and, for some reason, the application was inadvertently lost in transit. “We don’t know if they lost it or the county lost it. But this is one of Anderson County’s largest and most successful events and we just want to make them whole and help them out.” Floyd joined the rest of the Council in approving the money.
The Council also approved twenty six thousand dollars for a seven passenger van to be used in transporting veterans to medical appointments, especially those at VA facilities out of town. District Seven Councilwoman Cindy Wilson informed the Council that funding for an additional van can be applied for during the next grant season for the Appalachian Council of Government. She is Anderson County’s representative to that board and assured Council she would inform them when it was time to apply.
Council also gave first reading approval to an amended animal cruelty or neglect ordinance. Public safety committee chairman Ray Graham  explained that the changes in language are intended to give ACSO officers more leeway. “Some people simply don’t know what the definition of neglect is. They don’t intend to harm their animals. This n ew language would allow for a lesser charge and give the ACSO a chance to educate people about what is required.”