Williamston looking for HGTV Home Town Takeover

The Town of Williamston, through the Envision Williamston Main Street Program, has sent in an application to be considered for the HGTV Home Town Takeover
A small town with a population of 40,000 or less will be chosen for a special production of Home Town Takeover, hosted by HGTV favorites Ben and Erin Napier. The Napiers restore and revitalize old and historic homes and host a popular HGTV show called Home Town.
They also have relevant experience in the realm of whole-town transformation. They’ve not only helped rescue and enhance dozens of homes in their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, they’ve also played a pivotal role in helping revitalize the city’s downtown while preserving and celebrating the town’s architectural treasures, endemic charm and historic features.
The hosts will spend about six months helping to renovate historic buildings, public spaces, and architecturally unique homes for a special six part series to air in 2021.
“When we heard HGTV was on the hunt for a small-town in need of a makeover, we were excited at the opportunity,” said Envision Williamston Executive Director Tony Brown. “We jumped at the chance to throw our hat in the ring and quickly set to work on our submission.”
Brown and his team at Envision Williamston put together a video and narrative for the application to be considered for the HGTV HomeTown makeover.
Wording in the video includes history of the town, and why Williamston would like to be considered.
The following is wording from the video which can be seen on You Tube. Links are listed below.
From the video: “The town of Williamston, SC has seen many changes over the years, from a tourist town featuring a life giving mineral spring filled with hope and intrigue, to the industrious mill town that grew our small town into a bustling textile hub. The Civil War hit the town hard and through much hardship we prevailed. The hardworking and entrepreneurial spirit of our local business men and women has been at the core of our town’s values through economic rise and fall. We are a town filled with can do attitude and a strong respect for tradition and family. In recent years however, we have seen a growing number of new businesses fail and despite our spirit the town has struggled to keep up with the times. Envision Williamston has a deep understanding of what our community wants and how to get us there. We need help to put our plans into action and make big changes – fast! We are making huge strides in business development, encouraging and empowering new businesses to get started on the right track for success. We believe equipping startups with the knowledge and understanding to run a profitable business as well as investing in their success will be of great benefit to the entire community.
“We aim to help each and every citizen of Williamston, young and old, have their voices heard. We believe that everyone plays a part in the community and our goal is to have no one left feeling as though they can’t make a difference in their hometown. We want to be the change we wish to see in our world. Our mission is to bridge tradition with innovation, creating the best community Williamston has ever known. Leaving a legacy that can be built upward and onward for generations to come!
“We hope that Ben and Erin share our vision and see the potential that we see in our humble hometown. Our reality is what we make it and no effort/idea is too small,” Brown said.
Deadline for applications for the Home Town Takeover was Feb. 7 and applications are currently under consideration.
The Envision Williamston Home Town Takeover application video can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3YmOU_LmT4&t=8s.