Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride addresses dispersement

“First and foremost, the safety of our citizens and this community are our utmost priority,” Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride said in a statement released Tuesday. “This office has adjusted during this pandemic to ensure that we are still providing the highest quality of service to Anderson County as we can during this unprecedented time.  The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office’s function will be to keep the peace, provide law and order and serve and meet our citizens’ needs.”
“The Governor’s directive of dispersing crowds of 3 or more is concerning those individuals who may pose a higher health risk and for those who would be purposely undermining the measures taken by the State to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  We hope that we do not encounter situations as this, however if we do, we will utilize discretion, common sense and whatever we can do to mitigate those circumstances.”
“ We also hope that people that normally would congregate will find alternative ways to communicate, fellowship, and worship.  We will not interfere with churches, although we hope your church leaders utilize current best practices and good common sense.  This directive also does not apply to businesses or people conducting business, which inevitably will place more than 3 people together at times.”
Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis released a similar statement.