Schools to remain closed for rest of school year

Governor Henry McMaster and Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman announced on Wednesday that schools across the state will remain closed for the remainder of the school year.
Since schools were closed in March, students and teachers have been using e-learning to keep up with their studies. Gov. McMaster said the decision will ensure the safety of students, teachers and staff.
Superintendent Spearman said the Governor made the right decision. Both the Governor and the Superintendent urged school districts to be creative in ways to honor those who are planning to graduate in 2020.
“Seniors, I’ve heard from you,” Spearman said. “I can tell you that your district leaders have sent us some very creative ideas for how they’re planning to handle your graduations.”
Gov. McMaster commended the teachers for their hard work in continuing to provide valuable education online. Parents, guardians and all involved in the next generation were thanked for making sure students are safe while learning.
Spearman said they’re going to continue to support all those affected through “common sense policies.”
She said schools will be able to close out their operations at the end of the school year, as planned.
There will be a two week period that will allow teachers and students to do things like returning textbooks, gathering items from classrooms and for schools to be cleaned for the next year. Students will be allowed to retrieve personal items on school property, she said.
The Anderson School District One Board will hold a virtual meeting Tuesday at 6p.m.. They are expected to discuss how the District will finish out the year.
Also on the agenda is Building Program Update, Consideration to Approve an Emergency Resolution as it Relates to the COVID-19 Pandemic to Ensure District Compliance with Federal and State Emergency Declarations, Consideration to Approve a Property Transaction Resolution Where the District Agrees to Transfer Ownership of 0.18 Acres of Property to Donald Lee McKinney and Carolyn Cartee Marzendorfer in Exchange for the District Receiving Easement on the Property Such that Line-of-Sight Will be Maintained and Approval of Southeastern Auction Sales to Represent Anderson One During the Sale of Obsolete Property From Palmetto Middle School and Wren Middle School.