West Pelzer Police Report


West Pelzer Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
April 6 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos was on patrol when she observed a vehicle with a temporary tag that was partly obscured. She made a traffic stop and subsequently discovered that Luke Lacount, WM, 19 had no insurance, an expired tag and was driving on a learner’s permit without the accompanying licensed driver. He was cited for all three offenses and given a court date to appear.
April 9 – Officer Ryan Marro responded to the Sav-Way on Hwy. 20 in response to a report of an armed man passed out in a vehicle. Upon arriving, he found Keith Mitchell Lolliss, WM 38, 6’0”, 190 pounds unconscious in the cab of the F-150 truck. Physical efforts to wake him were unsuccessful. Marro cuffed him due to the report of a firearm. A subsequent search and administration of a sobriety field test resulted in seven charges: DUI, DUS, Weapons violation, possession of marijuana, suspended tag, and failure to surrender driver’s license. He was arrested and transported to ACDC. Two Williamston police officers also responded to assist.
April 10 –  Chief Eliopoulos received a report of a vehicle parked at the Sav-Way with a person asleep at the wheel. Upon arrival, she approached the vehicle and found William Cameron Clement, WM, 5’9”, 145 pounds passed out with a strong odor of marijuana in the car, and a handgun in plain sight. She called for backup, and while waiting, she removed the revived subject from the car. Subsequent actions and investigation l;ocated two firearms. One was determined to be stolen. Clement, due to his criminal record, was not allowed to be in possession of any firearm. More than 100 grams of marijuana was found, as well as .85 grams of meth. Clement was arrested and transported to ACDC on four different charges.
April 11 – Sgt. Scott Stoller was on patrol and pulling into the Dollar General parking lot when he received a report of a fight at that location. Upon entering the store, he heard shouting and found Sandra Gail Chastain, WF,  61, 5’4”, 139 pounds in  an altercation concerning her refusal to maintain social distancing in the checkout line.  Williamston officer Parker, who also responded, removed Chastain to the patrol car , where she continued to be argumentative and spat on the car door several times. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and given a court summons to appear.
April 14 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos contacted Sgt. Scott Stoller by phone and informed him of a car at the 7-11 store with an unresponsive driver. He arrived and found James Michael Flory, WM, 29, 5’8”, 185 pounds slumped over the wheel. A subsequent search resulted in charges of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, as well as possession of several other drugs, including Xanax and meth and other pharmaceuticals. Flory was arrested and transported to ACDC.
April 18 – Officer Ryan Marro responded to a complaint of shoplifting at the Dollar General Store. Upon arrival he was told by a store employee that Sharon Barbee, WF, 64, 5’3” 125 pounds had stolen several items from the sale table in front of the store, and placed them in her car with no attempt to pay for them. She was subsequently cited for shoplifting and given citation and a court date.
April 23 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos observed Brandon Lee Strickland, WM, 28, 165 pounds, on the property at 80 Main Street. Having prior knowledge that Strickland was on trespass notice for that location, she approached him. He said he was going to see his mother and just wasn’t thinking. According to the incident report he was issued a citation, in part because of considerations related to the coronavirus pandemic.
April 29 – Chief Alexis Eliopoulos observed a black truck doing 42 in a 25 mile an hour zone. Upon stopping the vehicle, she discovered that Pedro Ruiz Gomez, Latino, 24, 5’4” 175 pounds had only a registration, proof of insurance, and a Guatemalan passport, but no driver’s license. He was given a court date and released.