Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
May 21 – PTL. Jeremy Sargent and Reserve Officer Eric Thompson responded to First Citizens Bank on a complaint of two counts of forgery. One person, Nancy Darlene Fricks, WF, 52,  came through the drive thru, while Jennifer Carol Hunt, WF, 38, entered the bank. When the bank staff refused the transactions and called police, the two women fled, leaving behind their identification.
May 21 – PTL. Curtis Parker responded to 313 Williasm Street where Saul Lopez stated that he was hired to do some roof work at that address, and that while working, he found a rusted pistol on the roof. The pistol was found to be stolen from Indianapolis. It was taken into evidence.
May 23 – PTL.  Vickery was on  patrol when he observed a vehicle leaving a known drug house. He ran the tag and it came back as stolen from a Camaro, so he stopped the vehicle. The driver, Christopher Pickelsimer, WM, 47, was found to be driving under suspension.  He was arrested and transported to ACDC.
May 27 – PTL. D.R. Hart responded to 14 W. Third St. for an animal complaint concerning the killing of a cat by four dogs belonging to Jason Junior Webb, WM, 41, 11 W. Third St. Two witnesses had recorded the attack. Webb was given four citations for dogs running at large, second offense.
May 27 –  Det. L.B. Culbertson and Reserve officer E.J. Thompson responded to 11 W. Third St. where they informed Tony McJunkin, WM, 52 that he could not reside at that property until several outstanding code issues were resolved, including the absence of water and sewer.  He subsequently vacated the location.
May 27 – Det. L.B. Culbertson and Reserve officer E.J. Thompson  responded to 15 Ridley St. where they informed Susan Clark, WF, that she could no longer occupy that site due to several code issues that were unresolved.
May 29 – PTL. T.L. Eichelberger responded to the Dollar General at 526 W. Main St. where the manager reported that an unknown white male entered the store and stole a roll of tape and maybe some other stuff.