Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

July 18 – Barby Lynn Troncoso, 45, 113 Middleton Blvd. reported a vandalism incident in which the driver side front and rear tires were flattened on her 2007 Dodge Caliber were flattened. D. Hart investigated.
Kelley Marie Townsend, 42, 100 W. First St., Williamston reported a named suspect punched her and knocked her off her bike while she was on W. Fourth St. The suspect was last seen leaving the area in a smaller black SUV. J. Sparks investigated.
July 16 – Mary Helen Hiott, 81 112 Breazeale Dr., Williamston reported a hit and run in the parking lot of the Lil Cricket at 310 E. Main St., Williamston. Hiott stated that as she was leaving the parking lot, a vehicle in front of her backed into her vehicle. She stated the subject got out of the vehicle, looked at the damages, then got back in the vehicle and left. Three witnesses saw the incident. When a ACSO deputy responded to the suspect’s address, he could not get the suspect to answer the door. The tag on the vehicle came back suspended. The incident remains under investigation. T. L. Eichelberger responded.
July 14 – Wesley Colt Franklin Epps, 22, 417 Belton Dr., Williamston was arrested for malicious damage to property after officers were dispatched to Hill Avenue in reference to a fight in progress. According to reports, Epps stated to officers he had lost his temper and broke some things in the (pocket) park area of Hill Avenue and West Main St.
The water fountain had been flipped and a large potted plant vase was broken. Reports state Epps was arguing with his girlfriend at the time of the incident. Damage was estimated at $1900. Epps was arrested and transported to ACDC without incident. D. R. Hart investigated.
July 14 – Katelyn Graham, 19, 255 Harlequin Dr., Moore, SC reported she left her wallet in a bathroom at McDonalds, 4 W. Main St,. Williamston. The pink with gold trim wallet was valued at $20 and contained $20 cash, drivers license, social security card and two Bank of America credit cards. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.

July 13 – Officers responded to 18 Brown St. in reference to an unknown situation where they observed a black Nissan with several occupant parked along the roadway and two males arguing. The two parties separated and the Nissan left the scene. According to reports, the two males, Anthony Daquan Dean and Antwan Thurmond, were arguing over a cell phone message. Dean told officers the argument is over and they had settled things.
Officers were told that three vehicles stopped in the yard and Dean started arguing with another male. Several people began approaching Dean all at once and one individual was in a fighting stance, to which Dean defended himself, swinging at the individual knocking them to the ground. The other vehicles left before officers arrived.
While WPD officers were on the scene, Central Dispatch advised that a female at 12 Little Beaver Creek Rd. claimed to have been assaulted at Brown Street. Officers were on their way to speak to the female and when they were notified that she was being transported to AnMed. The victim’s mother told officers she had spoken to Dean and that Dean did not realize who he had punched, and it was in self defense. Officers also spoke with Thurmond and Thurmond told them that the incident was his fault, that Dean did swing but he felt it was in self defense. Thurmond said as he was speaking with Dean, four or five other people got out of the vehicle and surrounded Dean. Thurmond refused to give a written statement. The incident was being presented to Judge Lollis. After presenting the facts to Judge Lollis, a warrant in connection with the case was denied and the case was closed. J. Sparks was the initial responding officer.
July 12 – Family Dollar, 1505 Anderson Dr., Williamston reported a shoplifting incident in which a blue tooth speaker valued at $40 was taken. According to reports, a black male entered the store with a female. The male picked up a blue tooth speaker and placed the item in his shopping cart. The male walked around the store for a few minutes before giving the female several items at the check out counter. He then stepped toward the exit with the speaker and several other items in his cart and exited the store with the items still in his cart. J. Sparks investigated.
July 18 – A warrant was issued for Roderick Orlando Gallman, 47, 19 Parker St., Williamston in connection with a domestic violence incident. According to reports, Jennifer Gallman had driven Roderick Gallman to the Dollar General store and while there had gotten into a verbal argument, she got out and started walking home. As she was at the Haven of Rest, Gallman pulled up in the truck, got out and assaulted her, grabbing her around the neck and slamming her on the road, hitting her head. Jennifer stated she blacked out for second. The next day, officers attempted to contact Roderick, but were unsuccessful Judge Lollis was contacted and issued a warrant for domestic violence 3rd. D. Vickery investigated.