Ide Candidate for Pelzer Town Council


Donna Ide is one of three candidates running to Pelzer Town Council in the Nov. 10 special election.

Ide has been a resident of Pelzer for the past 38 years and was an employee of Kendall (Soft Care, Gerber) for 12 years. All five of her children are graduates of Palmetto. “I have had the pleasure in the past of serving the Pelzer community for 9 years as a Council member. It would be an honor and privilege to serve in this capacity again,” she said. “Pelzer is rich in history which should never be cast aside. We should remember it and build on it. We have a unique location in that we are in the center of a hub of towns that include Greenville, Anderson, Simpsonville, Easley, Powdersville. We see thousands of vehicles pass through our town. It’s time to give them a reason to stop and enjoy what we have to offer.”

Ide said she is not in favor of merging Pelzer and West Pelzer. “I am extremely hesitant to sell off the town’s assets without further, in-depth investigation. We need to carefully and completely investigate our options.”

Ide said there are many issues that need addressing in the town, including water rates, police protection, revitalization, bringing businesses into town, developing a recreation department, and instituting a tax base.

“I do not pretend to have all the answers but I do have the will and determination to pursue them. Working with County and State officials is crucial to our success. Even more important is working together for the good of all. YOU – the residents of Pelzer – are my priority!”