Spelts running for seat as Piedmont Commissioner


Charlene Spelts is one of three people running for two seats on the Piedmont Public Service District (PPSD) Fire Commission. The seat is a four year term.
Spelts is a 40 year resident and property owner in the Anderson County area of the PPSD. As a retired insurance professional and educator, she said she knows first hand the need for a strong and well trained fire department.

“You could say I am best described as a pragmatist; someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal,” Spelts said. “As pragmatist I have a straightforward, matter-of-fact approach, and I do not let emotion distract me.”

“In the past few years I have been diligent in attending Fire Commission meetings, County Council meetings, and Planning and Public works meetings. I can say for certain no one running for Fire Commissioner has a better grasp on the changes about to occur in Piedmont. I am nonpartisan candidate and my allegiance is to the citizens and tax payers of the PPSD.”

Spelts reminded citizens that “special purpose districts” are established by the General Assembly and do not include any state agency, department, commission, or school district.

The PPSD Fire Commission has the function of overseeing Fire Protection, Recreation, and Street Lighting in the area. PPSD boundaries fall into both Greenville and Anderson Counties. It was established in 1955. Piedmont is an unincorporated area and is not an official township. The commission is elected by the residents of the district and consists of a 5 member Board of Directors, or Commissioners, serving a four year term.