Child’s death on bus tragic


By Stan Welch
A thirteen year old girl from Anderson County School District One suffered cardiac arrest while riding on a school bus driven by her grandmother last week. Kirsten Volzka, a white female, was on the bus driven by her grandmother, who had been instrumental in raising the young girl throughout her life, although the girl’s mother was also present in the household.
When the grandmother completed her bus route and returned to the bus yard, the girl was found unresponsive. She had been presumed to just be sleeping. According to Deputy Coroner Don McCown she had recently been tested for COVID and was found to be positive for the virus, but  said it was unlikely that the virus was a significant factor. McCown said she had shown no symptoms. An autopsy is scheduled for November 24 but McCown says any dramatic revelations are unlikely. “People who watch too much television think that autopsies explain everything. That is seldom the case. There is no reason to suspect foul play. I suspect we will find that, as tragic as this young girl’s passing was, it was a natural event.”