GCSO DEU seizes counterfeit Xanax tablets


Bart McEntire, Commander of the Greenville County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) recently made an arrest in connection with the seizure of 4,000 tablets of counterfeit Xanax.

On Dec. 21, the DEU supported, by the Greenville Police Department Criminal Response Team served a search warrant for Gavin Shockley, 24, at 25 Livingston Terrace, Greenville.
Investigators performed a vehicle stop on Shockley’s vehicle and recovered 1,000 counterfeit Xanax tablets. The warrant resulted in the confiscation of approximately 3,000 additional counterfeit Xanax tablets, 12 grams of cocaine, promethazine syrup and a firearm.

DEU charged Shockley with Trafficking Cocaine 10-28g 1st; Offense, Possession of a Weapon during a Violent Crime; PWITD Schedule IV Controlled Substance, and PWITD Schedule II Controlled Substance.

Greenville Police Department charged Shockley with PWITD Schedule II Controlled Substance.
Commander McEntire stated, “People are always looking for a cheaper alternative to a drug that can produce an effect. Recently, DEU has seen an increase in the quantities of counterfeit Xanax throughout the county. This issue is dangerous because unsuspecting users believe they are purchasing Xanax when in reality they are receiving a harmful tablet containing any number of substances. It could be fentanyl or other lab created varieties of substances that can mimic the effect of real Xanax. You just do not know and the end effects may be life threatening. Across Greenville and the entire U.S., these counterfeit Xanax drugs are causing overdoses and deaths.”

It is believed the counterfeit tablets were being imported from overseas in large quantities. Once arriving in Greenville, the drugs were repackaged for sale and moved throughout the county.