West Pelzer Town Council has full agenda for first meeting of 2021


By Stan Welch
The West Pelzer town council met Tuesday night, and heard concerns from several citizens about a proposed shared use path along the course of the long abandoned railbed and Depot Road, that abuts or passes through West Pelzer, Pelzer and Williamston. The concerns centered on the potential increase in foot traffic along the path, and the effects on adjacent properties. Mayor Sanders agreed to seek changes in the language of the resolution of support that would specify the term sidewalk, instead of the more nebulous term shared use path. The resolution was passed.
The town council also gave first reading approval to two ordinances. One involves returning land used as rights of way for trash pickup and other municipal functions. All effected land owners were contacted and given a chance to respond. The other ordinance simply seeks to cleanup the existing jumble of ordinances, and make them simpler and easier to follow.
The council also agreed to accept a thousand dollars from Spectrum LLC for a 15 by 20 foot easement. The easement will allow the company to locate a monument, or electronic station, on the site. The easement, if abandoned by Spectrum at a later time, will revert back to the town.
Police Chief Alexis Eliopoulos gave a report on the year’s law enforcement activities. There were 313 total reports, with 127 arrests made. Total tickets written numbered 838 with 22 car wrecks reported. The Chief also made a pitch for a quarterly litter collection event, to be manned by volunteers, including the Chief and one elected official, as well as concerned citizens. The event will be funded through Palmetto Pride which will provide equipment and supplies for the activity.