West Pelzer to hold Spring Poetry Contest


The Town of West Pelzer and West Pelzer Poet Laureate James E. Campbell are sponsoring an “In Bloom” Spring Poetry Contest now through March 9.

“West Pelzer continues to invest in local artists, encouraging new creativity and growth by releasing a call for entries for the first annual Spring Poetry Contest,” Campbell said.
Residents of the Pelzer, West Pelzer, and Williamston area are encouraged to submit a maximum of two-pages poem by email prior to 11:59 pm on March 9, 2021. Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges from the region and up to three winners will be announced on March 20, 2021 – the first day of Spring. Three winners will receive a gift card from a local restaurant or retail establishment.

West Pelzer resident Poet Laureate, Campbell said, “Spring is a wonderful time for renewal and to see things starting to grow! As we head into that time of year, we are excited to help encourage some new creativity and growth in our area by holding the first ever poetry contest in the Tri-City area! We look forward to reading the poems submitted by anyone currently living in the area- Pelzer, West Pelzer, Williamston, and adjoining towns -ages 18 and up.”

Campbell said additional contests for school aged young people are planned in the future.

More than one poem may be submitted by a person but no more than three.
Poems will be scored based on creativity, word choice, theme, positivity, and inspiration. The top three scores will be awarded prizes and will have their poem featured on local social media site(s). Although the towns can post, print, and share the poem, full ownership of the poem remains with the poet! The winners will be announced by the first day of Spring – March 20, 2021.

The top three poets will receive awards and prizes to help support their creativity and encourage creative writing through poetry in our area. The winning submissions will have the opportunity (if they are willing) to participate in a recorded reading of their poem to share online. They will also receive recognition and a gift card to a local restaurant or retail shop to help them celebrate Spring in our area!
“Those who write help become the voice for the future, and we look forward to hearing from some of the amazing people from our area,” Campbell said.

“This is one way we hope to help shine a spotlight on poetry and creative writing in our area and to celebrate this time of year through the written word,” Campbell said. “We know there is amazing talent in each of our towns, and we look forward to seeing how our writers and poets from each of them rise to the occasion in the days to come! So, start writing, and we will look forward to seeing your great work!”

For additional information contact James E. Campbell – Poet Laureate, West Pelzer at