Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
July 19 – Ptl. R. C. Burgess was on patrol when he heard a radio call that Ptl. D.R. Hart had engaged with a suspicious male and female in the vicinity of Prince St. He responded to assist Hart. Hart had initiated a traffic stop and the driver, Brandon Barnett, WM, 35, of Pelzer was found to be driving under suspension. He also had two grams of marijuana in his pocket. He was placed under arrest. The female passenger, also on a suspended license, was released, and the vehicle towed.
Joly 20 – Ptl. R.C. Burgess initiated a traffic stop and the driver, Crystal Gantt, WF, 34, was subsequently found to have no driver’s license, as well as being in possession of meth and two knives. She was arrested and transported to the ACDC.
July 22 – Ptl. J. Sparks responded to a reported larceny at 105 L St. Upon arrival, he made contact with James Robertson, who stated that he had received an e-mail confirming delivery of a package to his address. He heard a vehicle and went to the door to see a white SUV leaving, with a male and female in it; both in their thirties, white. He subsequently discovered his package was gone.
July 22 – Ptl. J.M. Cobb and Ofc. Jackson responded to 7 William St. Extension in reference to a domestic disturbance involving weapons. Upon arrival at a location he had responded to frequently, Cobb encountered Nancy Crossly, WF, 68, and her daughter, Kayla Wallace, WF, 36. A third party, Tiffany Piche, WF, 38, was also present. Wallace reported that she had taken a ball bat from her mother during the altercation, and that her mother then picked up a hammer. After further investigation, and Piche’s refusal to press charges, Crossley left for the night to stay with a friend. No arrests were made.
July 23 – Ptl. J.D. West and R.C. Burgess each provided pieces of the puzzle that led to two multiple DUS offenders being taken into custody. West saw two people, Michelle Laws, WF, 31, and Kyle Buchanan, both of Pelzer, walking in Shorebrook Court. He addressed them and asked them why they were there. Burgess arrived and confirmed that he had seen Laws driving the vehicle. A check with dispatch showed that each person had three DUS convictions, and Laws was designated by the DMV as a habitual offender. Laws was arrested and taken to ACDC.
July 24 – Ptl. R.C. Burgess attempted a traffic stop of a gold colored truck at Greenville Rd. and Church St. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed and narrowly avoided a collision with another vehicle. Burgess terminated the pursuit. He later heard from ACSO Deputy Sandy Graham, who relayed information from a relative of James Neighbors, Jr. The information stated that Neighbors had been driving the truck in question and that it was stolen. The informant also gave the deputy an address where Neighbors was staying.
July 24 – Ptl. D.R. Hart and R.C. Burgess responded to the EZ Trip convenience store in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arriving, Hart saw a silver Altima with two people inside. The driver, a black female, Brittany Fant, seemed disheveled and was physically upset. The passenger, a black male, 32, Tyron Jerrell Cook, of Simpsonville, conceded that they had been arguing, but denied slapping the woman. A NCIC check revealed that Cook had four prior arrests and two convictions for CDV. He was placed under arrest for CDV 1st degree, and transported to ACDC.
July 25 – Ptl. R.C. Burgess initiated a traffic stop on Greenville Dr. near Wilson St. A check on the driver, Clarence Hunt, BM, 31, 6’2”, 200 lbs. revealed that he had a suspended license. A subsequent inventory of the vehicle located a small amount of marijuana which was seized.
July 25 – Ptl. J.D. West initiated a traffic stop after noticing a vehicle with a damaged windshield and rear window. The driver, Megan Roper, WF, 26, was removed from the car, due to a smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Having probable cause. West and Officer D.R. Hart searched the vehicle. Hart found an amount of meth in a back pack on the front seat and Roper was placed under arrest. A female ACSO deputy was summoned to conduct a personal female search and a pipe and more meth were discovered on Roper. She was transported to ACDC.