Robbery suspect extradicted from Charlotte


Robbery suspect in custody – Lt. Jody Culbertson and Detective West Smith of the Williamston Police Department transported First Citizens robbery suspect Jason Douglas King from Mecklenburg County Detention Center in Charlotte Tuesday to Williamston for further investigation. Following questioning, King was transported to Anderson County Detention Center.
(Photo courtesy WPD)

Updated – Arrest made in First Citizens bank robbery

A suspect is in custody in connection with the Sept. 14 robbery of the First Citizen’s bank.

The First Citizens Bank on Main Street in Williamston was robbed at 12:20 p.m. by a white male wearing khaki slacks, a white shirt, dark sneakers with a white stripe, a dark blazer, a medical mask, sunglasses and a cap.
The suspect was in and out of the bank in less than a minute.
During the investigation, police learned that he crossed Main Street on foot, shedding parts of his disguise as he went. Closed circuit cameras recorded those actions. He wore another layer of clothing under his disguise, including a long sleeve Tee shirt.
Williamston Police Capt. Kevin Marsee said that the department received numerous leads, from both the department’s tip line and by telephone. “We were subsequently able to identify the suspect as Jason Douglas King, WM, 6’, 165 pounds, balding with brown hair and brown eyes.
King had apparently been residing in Vermont for some time, but had family ties in the area.
The Williamston Police Department was able to show probable cause for a warrant, which was issued last Friday, October 1.
King was located in the Charlotte area where the SLED Fugitive Team worked with the Charlotte Live Crimes Team to take him into custody. He was captured while in his car.
King waived extradition. and on Tuesday, Lt. Jody Culbertson and Detective West Smith of the Williamston Police Department transported the robbery suspect back to Williamston for further questioning. King was then transported to Anderson County Detention Center to await a bond hearing.
During the Williamston Town Council meeting Monday, Faye Meares of First Citizens Bank in Williamston thanked the Williamston Police Department for “an outstanding job” in their handling of the robbery. Meares said Sergeant L. E. Mulz was first on the scene and was very calming for the bank staff, as were other officers who followed. She also said Chief Taylor was very helpful during the tense moments after the robbery. She said they were all very professional in their investigation.
Meares said the robbery took less than one minute. “Our teller did everything right,” she said. “The teller took the note from the suspect and gave him an undisclosed amount of cash from the drawer. The officers preserved evidence. You did everything right. Thank you.”
Mayor Rockey Burgess also praised the local police department in being able to piece the evidence together to help identify a suspect, who has been living in Vermont.