Envision Williamston Banners to honor local heroes


Envision Williamston is planning to honor local veterans on street banners through a project called “Hometown Heroes”. The organization would like to have at least five more banners honoring local military so that banners can be ordered soon.
Family members and others who would like to honor their “hometown hero” can submit a photo and information so that their hero can be displayed on a pole banner along Williamston’s Main Street. There is a cost of $100 for the two sided banner.
Past and present military can be recognized, Envision Williamston Director Roberta Hamby said.
The person being honored does not have to be from Williamston.
Hamby said EW currently has 20 banners honoring local veterans and would like to have 25 before placing the order. Plans are to have the banners installed by Armed Forces Day in May. They will be put up several times during the year, she said.
For additional information contact Envision Williamston Director Roberta Hamby at 864-360-1388, EWBoardMembers@gmail.com or by scheduled appointment at the Envision Williamston Town Hall office at (864) 847-7473.