Legislation supporting EMS Legislation supporting EMS passes SC House 


The South Carolina House of Representatives recently unanimously passed legislation to designate emergency medical services (“EMS”) as essential in the State of South Carolina and ensuring that such services are provided by each and every county in the state. The legislation was filed by House Dist. 10 Rep. West Cox at the request of many EMS providers throughout the state and the state EMS Association.

The legislation ensures that EMS services are provided throughout the state. Currently, all counties provide some level of EMS service, but this legislation would ensure that those services are provided in the future. “EMS providers are critical first responders and we, as a State, need to treat them this way,” Rep. Cox said. “This legislation legally requires that EMS services will be provided throughout the state.” The bill passed the S.C. House unanimously last week and now heads to the Senate.

From the legislation, “Ambulance service is hereby designated as an essential service in this State.” “Ultimately, this could allow for our EMS providers to have more access to federal grants and funds to help them meet the needs of our citizens. And this is an important symbolic step to say that we truly appreciate all that our EMS do for us and our communities.”

The bill number is H. 4601. To read the bill, go to www.scstatehouse.gov.  For further information, please contact Rep. Cox by phone 864-625-0463 or email at WestCox@SCHouse.gov.