Town, SCDOT looking at options for Gossett Drive


Williamston Mayor Rockey Burgess said this week that the Town of Williamston and the SC Department of Transportation (SCDOT) are currently working out details in an attempt to get Gossett Drive re-opened.
Burgess said a meeting was held with SCDOT officials Monday morning to discuss options. “At the moment, the best option would be for the town to receive Gossett Drive from SCDOT, it is currently a state road,” Burgess said. “Doing so would allow flexibility for the town to work with the railroad to create a reasonable solution to the frequent bridge strikes.”
Burgess said accepting the roadway would mean that the town would become responsible for all necessary current and future repairs of the roadway.
“At the moment, there are considerable stormwater drainage issues that must be dealt with prior to the town considering acceptance of the roadway,” the mayor said. “SCDOT is currently developing a plan to address those issues.”
Burgess said the town council will be considering a resolution that will offer support for acceptance of the roadway, contingent upon repairs by SCDOT to remedy the stormwater issues.
“Unfortunately, the process could take up to one year. In the mean time, Gossett Drive will remain closed in the interest of public safety. Every strike to the bridge weakens the structure and heightens the risk of a collapse or train derailment, either of which would be detrimental to the town. We ask that you bear with us as we work diligently to re-open Gossett Drive in a safe manner,” Mayor Burgess said.