DHEC weekly update – Mar. 29, 2022


DHEC is now reporting COVID information weekly on Tuesdays.
For the week of Mar. 20-26, DHEC reported 650 new cases and 445 probable cases of COVID-19. There were 8 COVID related deaths and 2 probable deaths related to COVID.

Anderson County reported 14 new cases, 3 probable cases and 1 COVID related death.
Greenville County reported 59 new cases, 20 probable cases and 1 probable death related to COVID.

Statewide there were 171 COVID patients in hospitals with 29 in ICU and 14 on ventilators.
Anderson County had 5 COVID patients in the hospital with 1 in ICU and 1 on a ventilator.
Greenville County had 9 COVID patients in the hospitals with 3 in ICU and 2 on ventilators.

Testing – During the week there were 661.6 cases of COVID for every 100,000 people in the state. Positivity rate from testing was 2.3 percent.