Anderson School District One Board approves personnel


The Anderson School District One Board of Trustees approved the following personnel recommendations at their April meeting:

Recommendations – Anna Anderson, Third Grade, Powdersville Elementary; Brittany Coleman, Math, palmetto middle; Dr. Jennie Farmer, ELA, Powdersville Middle; Michael Hendrix, Science, Palmetto High; Michelle Jackson, Science, Palmetto Middle; Joe Whitmer, Physical Education, Powdersville High; Megan Bryant, Special Education, Palmetto Middle; Taylor Medley, Sixth Grage ELA, Wren Middle; George Pierson, Social Studies, Wren high; Jacob Tuttle, Science, Wren High; Mark Wise, Social Studies, Wren High.

Resignations – Karleigh Adragna, Sixth Grade, Palmetto Middle; Mary Bailes, Third Grade, Cedar Grove Elementary; Erin Clarke, Guidance Counselor, West Pelzer Elementary; Kaelin Corley, First Grade, Palmetto Elementary; Sarah Day, Math, Powdersville High; Layne Ezell, Third Grade, Powdersville Elementary; Joshua Hallman, Science, Wren High; Michael Hattan, Science, Palmetto High.

Retirements – Pamela Frady, Science, palmetto Middle; Lee Garner, P. E./Weightlifting, Palmetto High; Mary Howell, Sixth Grade, Powdersville Middle; Fran Mooneyham, Guidance Counselor, Wren Middle; Becky Owens, ESOL, Palmetto Elementary.

Transfers – Amanda Grace Emery, Special Education, West Pelzer Elementary to Special Education Palmetto elementary; Kathleen Gallagher-Smith, ESOL Wren Middle and Powdersville Middle to Powdersville Middle and Powdersville Elementary; Anna Infantas Tapia, Fourth Grade Powdersville Elementary to ESOL Wren High; Channing McConnell, Special Education Palmetto Elementary to Special Education West Pelzer Elementary; Melissa Oliver, Third Grade Spearman Elementary to ELL Wren Middle, Hunt Meadows Elementary and Wren Elementary; Cindi Weiner, Fourth Grad Hunt Meadows to ESOL Palmetto Elementary.