Bonnes Amies resumes meetings


The Piedmont Bonnes Amies Club has resumed monthly meetings for the 2021-2022 year after a long delay due to COVID.

For those who don’t know, the club was started in 1954 to create friendship and to promote improvement and betterment of the community. They host the Piedmont Christmas Parade as well as other community events. The Bonnes Amies club has already begun planning and preparing for the 2022 Piedmont Christmas parade.

“If you like making friends, love getting involved with events or just want to see the parade from “backstage”, we need you as we are currently seeking volunteers to help with all aspects of putting together the parade,” said Bonnes Amies Publicist Debbie Merritt. If interested, please call Betty White (864)423-8285 or Marsha Rogers (864) 630-2466 for further details.