Williamston Town Council approves 2022-23 budget


Williamston Town Council held a public hearing and approved final reading on the 2022-23 budget during a special called meeting on Thursday, June 23 at 4 pm. Council also approved the site plan for a residential development on Mahaffey Rd. during the meeting.

The budget reflects a twenty-two percent increase, increasing by over $1 million from the current budget of $5,588,552 to $6,804,138. There is no increase in taxes and the millage rate of 112.5 will remain the same.

The budget includes up to a four percent salary increase for some town employees. According to Mayor Burgess, raises will be generally two percent with up to an additional two percent being merit based and at the mayor’s discretion.

It includes some capital improvements including a radio repeater for the Fire Department on the Virginia Drive water tower and some improvements at the Police Department, such as flooring and paint. Police Department upgrades will be dependent on the sale of some older police vehicles.

The budget reflects a decision by Council to not raise water rates, even though Anderson Regional Joint Water System (ARJWS), which supplies the town’s water, recently approved a 4.32 percent rate increase. Prior to this increase, which the town is again absorbing, the town has absorbed more than an 18 percent increase in rates by ARJWS over the last several years.