125 residents attend Master Plan meeting for West Pelzer


The Town of West Pelzer held a public meeting last Thursday for residents to look receive information and provide input for a Comprehensive Master Plan for the Town.
West Pelzer Mayor Blake Sanders said those that attended represented all backgrounds, who wanted to hear more about growth, what to expect and how to be a unique town and not just a pass through town. There were a lot of new residents that attended, Sanders said.
Representatives of Bolton Monk presented information and spoke with residents.
Information in the presentation was from previous plans over the last 12 years including a Tri-City Bike Plan, 2017 Master Plan and 2022 GPATS study was used to provide information for the new Master Plan, which was compiled by Bolton Monk of Greenville.
Sanders said the Community Profile showed that 43,000 people drive through the town on a regular basis, the median income is $40,000 and the average value of a home is $180,000. Average home values in the town have increased by $50,000 since 2017, he said the report showed.
An Economic Development Market Shapshot shows $221.6 million in sales leaves the town each year. The plan recommends businesses that could locate in the area to fill that gap.
As part of the Master Plan, the company is also working on branding, image and style, for the town and an updated zoning ordinance.
Three goals were identified. They are: Safer connections and walkability; Vibrant places for neighbors to go and Preserve and Celebrate the unique character and history of the town.
Also assets and opportunities identified include a 10 acre site the town has access to on the Saluda River.
A committee including a planning commission member, a resident, the mayor and a member of council, one town staff member and a business owner will meet with representatives of Bolton Monk in October to go over the plan.
Initial recommendations will be presented in November and are expected to be approved by Council in December, Mayor Sanders said.