AD1 School Board approves 2022-23 Calendar


During their September meeting, Anderson School District One Board recognized the Palmetto High FFA, a Wren High AP Capstone recipient and a Palmetto teacher for being named the South Carolina Association of Physical Education and Sport 2022 High School Teacher of the Year.

The Board also approved several policy changes and the 2022-23 school calendar.

Assistant Superintendent for Administration and Instruction Dr. Jeff Wilson recognized the Palmetto High School Future Farmers of America and teacher Joey McCannon.
McCannon stated, this past year Palmetto High FFA went above and beyond with goal oriented and student-led events. FFA Student President Porter Hand spoke to the board, sharing he competed in public speaking at the National level. He shared that FFA is not only agriculture but rooted in business and leadership as well. Palmetto High FFA was named State Champions and received the highest award at the National level.
Board Chair Nancy Upton and Superintendent Binnicker presented each FFA student with a certificate of achievement.

The Board also recognized Wren High School student Lukas Palassis, who is an AP Capstone Diploma Recipient. Mrs. Upton and Binnicker presented Lukas a certificate of achievement.
The Board also recognized Palmetto High teacher Ashley Enwright for being named the, “South Carolina Association of Physical Education and Sport 2022 High School Teacher of

the Year”.
AD1 Finance Director Travis Thomas updated the Board on the Local Option Sales Tax revenue for the month of August. The Board was reminded that Anderson School District One receives 31.596% of Local Option Sales Tax for Anderson County. 20% goes toward Property Tax Relief and the remaining 80% goes to Capital. Revenue received for Capital use totaled $840,535.
The Capital use fund balance is at $6,366,911.
Thomas said that the Building Program Revenue totaled $146,853,192. The Building Program Fund Balance for August was $10,627,132.

In the Instructional Report, Christie Shealy stated the 2022 SCReady and End of Course Test results were released by the South Carolina State Department of Education (SCSDE). Mrs. Shealy stated test scores for grades 3-8 “were phenomenal”. In SCReady ELA, AD1 ranked second in grades 7 & 8, third in grades 6, fourth in grades 3 & 4, and fifth in grade 5.
On SCReady Math scores, grade 4 ranked FIRST in the State. AD1 ranked second in the State in grades 6, 7, and 8. Grades 3 and 5 ranked third.
Shealy reported the Learning team had been in schools working with teachers on Star and iReady to help make students more proficient in needed areas. Shealy also stated the Instruction team is working closely with teachers to improve in all areas in End of Course Testing.

Dr. Wilson shared a list of our new mental health counselors with their school assignments/days each counselor will work.

Becky Brady shared that Student Nutritional Services achieved record results in both revenue and profit for the 2021-22 school year. At year-end, $298,491 was transferred to the general fund to cover District Indirect Costs. The student worker program has four students starting at Palmetto High, Palmetto Middle and two and Wren High. The students begin as substitutes with several eventually becoming permanent employees.

Dr. Wilson reviewed the newly created Parent Emergency Communication Plan for 2022-23.
In the plan, the following topics are discussed: what constitutes an emergency/what parents do in the event of emergency/how parents will be notified if emergency occurs/what schools will do in the event of an emergency/how parents can prepare for an emergency/and recovery after crisis.

Superintendent Binnicker updated the Board on the building program. The baseball field renovations at Palmetto High and the Technology/Transportation building. He stated the Palmetto High School baseball field is a work in progress with a challenging schedule. The Powdersville High School press box is complete with only a few small punch list items left.

A motion was made by Board member Brenda Ellison, with a second by Board member Wendy Burgess to approve policies IHAC (Social Studies)/IMDA (Patriotic Exercises)/IMDB (Flag/Motto Displays)/IHE (Promotion and Retention). The motion was carried unanimously 7-0.
Dr. Wilson reminded the Board that in the IHAC (Social Studies Policy), he was asking to eliminate the patriotic days in the policy because they are listed in their own policy. Dr. Wilson also recommended the Board to approve the IMDA (Patriotic Exercises) and IMDB (Flag/Motto Displays) policies. He stated the IHE (Promotion and Retention) policy contains old language and needed updated.

The Board unanimously approved the 2023-24 proposed calendar which has school starting for students in early August and ending before Memorial Day. A representative parent group from all 14 schools met at the District Office and gave their feedback on the proposed calendar. This parent group unanimously supported the proposed calendar with some suggested edits, Binnicker said.
All Anderson School District One staff were also asked for their input. 56 staff members (4.7%) responded. Support among the staff was mixed with the short first summer being the biggest concern.