Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Jan. 3 – A representative of Grace Methodist Church, 40 Mill St., reported finding a blue/black lunch bag containing miscellaneous blankets, $5 and miscellaneous food. Feminine pads covered with blood were also found on the walk-way. A keep check was placed on the property for homeless individual sleeping on the property. J. M. Cobb was reporting officer.
Jan. 2 – Jodee Makaly Lomax, 23, 1505 Trail Rd., Belton was arrested for an outstanding warrant with Anderson County for Breach of Trust after a white Nissan was observed disregarding a stop sign at Minor St. and Middleton Blvd. Lomaz was issued a summons for the traffic offense. Lomax was arrested and turned over to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on scene. J. S. Grinnell was reporting officer.
Jan. 1 – Officer J. M. Cobb and Officer C rawford were dispatched to 10 Gray Dr., where Allie B. Patterson, 31, reported her AC unit had been damaged. Damage was estimated at $500.
Dec. 30 – Little Caesers, 310 W. Main St., Williamston reported a hit and run incident in which two boards on the privacy fence had been broken off from the main beams. Cameras showed a silver mid 2000’s Toyota Tundra with ladders attached to the top back up and attempt to go out the entrance. While backing, he drove onto the curb and the ladders hung onto the fence, pullling the two fence boards off. Damage was estimated at $200. D. R. Hart investigated.
Dec. 20 – Officer J. Cobb was dispatched to 47 Dove St.,, in reference to found property. A white/spotted bag with miscellaneous items inlcuding clothing, two black manual cases with paperwork and a hand sanitizer bottle were found beside the porch inside the garage. A beanie was also found on a table in the back yard.
Dec. 19 – Regan Anderson Bray, 19, 203 Summer Way, Williamston was issued a warning for speeding after a silver color vehicle was observed speeding 50 mph in a 35 mph zone on Belton Drive. Two juveniles in the vehicle were turned over to a parent/guardian. J. Cobb was reporting officer.
Dec. 19 – Carolyn Leanne Sanders, 35, 500 Concord Rd, Rd#G7, Anderson was issued a summons for driving under suspension after black four door 2019 Kia was observed at the intersection of Ida Tucker Rd., and Cherokee Rd with a suspended license place. The vehicle was towed.
Dec. 19 – Officer S. Wakefield responded to Williamston Court Apartments where a resident reported three black males running in the parking lot, get into a black Dodge Avenger and sped off. The resident stated he followed the vehicle out of the parking lot onto Prince Street and west toward Anderson St., The Avenger struck a mailbox as it entered onto Prince and then traveled north toward Main St. The vehicle was seen prior to the incident along with a four door dark blue Honda Civic. Two vehicles in the parking lot were located that possibly had items stolen from inside. The vehicles were not locked at the time of the incident.
Dec. 19 – W. Crawford was dispatched to 106 Williamston Ct,. where Kimberly Stumper stated her 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe had been rummaged through. Change, car cleaning supplies and miscellaneouis items were taken out of the center console and thrown on the front seat. Nothing appeared to have been taken out of the vehicle.
Dec. 18 – Emma Elizabeth Leann Jones, 18, 109 Davis St., reported an auto break-in into a 2022 Hyundai Venue and a Mazda S3. Nothing was taken from the vehicles but the owners wanted to report the incident. D. R. Hart was reporting officer.
Dec. 18 – Officer M. Jackson responded to 121 Mattison Dr., where Efram John Adams reported a .380 auto Smith & Wesson pistol taken from his truck. The pistol was valued at $461.
Dec. 18 – Brian David McNutt, 14 Davis St., Williamston reported a Sig Sauer Model P365 KL-9 mm pistol taken from his Jeep. The pistol, which had a black Romeo Zero optic attached, was valued at $850. M. Jackson investigated.
Dec. 9 – The Williamston Fire Department and Williamston Police Department responded to 205 McDonald Avenue after it was reported that a tow truck with a backhoe on the bed had hit a powerline on Crawford Street, took down lines and did not stop after the incident. Duke Energy was contacted to assess damage. The truck was described as a white cab with red writing and a red flat bed. Damage was estimated at $1,000. Sgt. L. E. Mulz investigated.
Dec. 17 – Officer M. Jackson was dispatched to 10 W. 3rd Street whereWilliam Gregory Siegler reported a suspicious person had entered his truck earlier in the day. Nothing was reported missing. Video recorded a white, tall male with a backpack entering the truck.
Dec. 17 – Susan Elaine Daniel, 52, 820 Joe Black Rd., #19, Williamston was placed on hold and transported to the ACDC for an outstanding warrant after a vehicle was observed traveling 48 mph in a 35 mph zone on Anderson Drive. Daniel had a probation warrant out of Dawson County, Georgia Sheriff’s Department. Her vehicle was turned over to her boyfriend who was a passenger. M. Jackson was reporting officer.
Dec. 16 – Tina Marie Patton, 406 Parker St., Williamston reported an auto break-in in which $20 in change was taken from her 2014 Ford Escape. D. Hart investigated.
Dec. 15 – Edie McCarson Pickens, 200 Duckworth Dr., reported a mail theft in which a red custom Christmas t-shirt that was mailed to her home was taken. The item was valued at $20. R. Burgess investigated.