Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Report
Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:
Jan. 24 – Sassy Sue’s, 100 W. Main reported approximately $1,000 in large bills taken from the cash register after arriving at the store and finding the front door unlocked. The security alarm and camera system were also unplugged. There was no forced entry or pry marks. The incident remains under investigation. Sgt. D. R. Hart, Lt. L. B. Culbertson, Jr. investigated.
Jan. 23 – Roy Gibert, 67, 15 Church St., Williamston reported a debit card, ID and Android Phone valued at $239 taken from the residence. A withdrawal of $202 was made on the card at Stop and Go, 103 Greenville Dr. Sgt. D. R. Hart investigated.
Jan. 23 – Officer D. R. Hart responded to the parking lot of M&M Tax in reference to a hit and run. According to reports, the victim, Dionne Collins stated a male in his late 50’s, medium height and weight, wearing blue jeans and a brown jacket got into a blue pickup truck and backed into her legally parked 2012 Toyota Camry, causing approximately $1,000 in damage. The male left the scene prior to offiicers arrival but came back to the store. The victim called officers back to the business, but the male subject left before office arrived. Sgt. D. R. Hart investigated.
Jan. 22 – Officer R. C. Burgess was dispatched to Tripp St. in reference to shots fired. According to reports, Jennifer Lee Hembree, 33, 408 Tripp St. stated that as she was attempting to help a neighbor catch a dog, she parked her car off to the side of their home. A black/gray small SUV came by and the driver, a middle age white male with brown hair, began to yell to get out of the roadway. There was a short verbal exchange and Hembree stated she heard what sounded like one gunshot come frm the driver’s side of the passing vehicle.
Jan. 22 – A warrant was issued for Serah Rainey Cartee, 34, 4 Shirley Dr., Williamston after Pink House Antiques, 411 E. Main St., reported a shoplifting incident. According to reports, Cartee came into the store talking about the town having her in the Williamston Journal. An employee of the store observed Cartee putting jewelry inside her coat pocket and then stated she was “going out to the car to get some money”. Cartee was observed unloading items out of her pocket into the vehicle. She then attempted to pay with a debit card that was blacked out, with her name written on it, however the store advised it could not take the card because it did not belong to her. Items reported missing included a silver necklace, $30, Pin $20, watch $25, costume necklace $200 and three belt buckles, $30. The owner of the store told officers if the items were returned, she would not press charges. A warrant for shoplifting was issued for Sarah Rainey Cartee. Officer J. Cobb investigated.
Jan. 22 – Roy Gibert, 67, 15 Church St. reported a domestic incident in which Devon S. Blanding was giving him problems at his residence and not wanting to leave the premises due to him not being on the lease agreement. The report stated there was a scuffle at the residence but neither wanted to press charges. J. Cobb investigated.
Jan. 21 – Officer J. S. Grinnell responded to 205 S. Green St., in reference to a violation of an order of protection. According to reports, April Rene Duncan stated her husband James Ralph Duncan was at her residence and she has an active order of protection against James through Anderson County. Following the investigation, evidence was presented to a Judge for a warrant for violation of protection. The warrant was served at 31 Lyman St., Pelzer by Williamston Officer R. Burgess, West Pelzer Officer Vickery and Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputy Bennett. Officer Grinnell transported Duncan to ACDC.
Jan. 19 – Cash Time, 8 Greenville Dr., Williamston reported a fraudulent check in the amount of $7,642 drawn on Bank of America was cashed by a black male. The incident remains under investigation by Lt. L. B. Culbertson.
Jan. 24 – A followup report on the previous incident states that the check was connected to Fox Silver Insurance Company New York. A “Google Street View” of the address in New York appears to be a side walk with no business in view. The incident remains under investigation.
Jan. 15 – Williamston Fire Department and Williamston Police Department responded to The Laundry, 12 Greenville Dr., Williamston in reference to clothes being on fire inside a dryer. According to reports, when emergency personnel arrived, several people were standing outside and the laundry was filled with smoke. Officer Wakefield attempted to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, however the flames would smolder and then reignite. The fire department arrived and put out the flames. M. Jackson was reporting officer.