Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following:


Oct.24 – C.P. Huff responded to 116 Greatview Lane, where Tracy Towe reported that someone had scratched and dented her car to the tune of $4000 in damage.


Oct. 24 – T.A. McCarley responded to 117 Bent Creek Dr. where Zachery Kemp reported that someone had entered his vehicle and taken items valued at $40.

Oct. 24 – S.B. McKinney received a telephone report from Jennifer Durham stated that her license tag had been stolen from her vehicle.

Oct. 26 – J.E. Scott responded to 508 Woodcock Rd. where Billy Simmons, of Berea, reported that someone had entered his Jeep while he was parked at the location, while hunting. He reported that cash, hunting gear and assorted hand tools had been taken. The loss was estimated at $480.


Oct. 24 – P.C. Henry met with Kimberly Chasteen at the ACSO headquarters, and received a complaint that someone had stolen her debit card from her residence in Piedmont. She also reported that her ex-boyfriend, name and description withheld, had been sending her obscene and harassing text messages for several weeks.


Oct. 24 – J.M. Culbertson received a telephone complaint from Shawn Dawson, of 102 Brian Court, that someone had broken the back porch light of his house.

Oct. 25 – C.M. Ashe was traveling north on Hwy. 81 near Webb Rd. when he observed a black Ford truck driving erratically, and running an oncoming car off the road. He initiated a traffic stop and arrested Caleb Adams, WM, 23, 5’11″, 170 pounds, brn/blue, of Pelzer, for reckless driving. A tow truck was called and promptly backed into the vehicle, causing a SCHP trooper to respond to the accident.

Oct. 25 – D.P. Stipe responded to the convenience store at 1525 Anderson Dr. where store employee reported that a white male had attempted to purchase items with a counterfeit ten dollar bill.

Oct. 26 – A.C. Guthrie responded to 126 Harper St. where Michael Bruton reported the theft of his 32 inch TV from his camper. The loss was estimated at $224.

Oct. 27 – K.S. Looney responded to 421 Foster Rd. where Michael Paige reported that he had started his 2002 silver Honda Civic and then went back in the house to get his ID. When he came out, someone was driving his car away. The loss was estimated at $4000. The SC tag # is EZA 516.