Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents:


July 24 – K. Evatt and Z.W. Crane responded to the WalMart at 14410 Anderson Rd. where they questioned Jennifer Hernandez, WF, 35, 5’4″, 180 pounds about charges of shoplifting brought by the store. She was not arrested because she had no one to take charge of her one year old child, but she was given a court date and placed on trespass notice.

July 26- P.D. Marter responded to the WalMart at 14110 Anderson Rd., in response to a report of a drunken male refusing to leave another person’s car. Upon arrival he contacted Keith Woods who said he came out of the store after shopping and found a man sleeping in his car. Marter woke and removed Roger Urbina, WM, 5’8″, 140 pounds. Urbina smelled strongly of alcohol and stated that he thought the car belonged to a friend when he climbed in and fell asleep. He was arrested for public disorderly conduct.


July 24 – G.T. Emory and B. Surratt responded to 15 Frost St. where Brenda Copeland reported the theft of her daughter’s car. The 1998 maroon Chevy Prizm, SC tag# 6835GT, was valued at $2500.

July 24 – C.P. Huff was dispatched to 215 Old River Rd. where Lisa Harper reported that some one had forced entry into her home and stolen items valued at $41.

July 25 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to 328 Looper Rd. where Steven French II reported that someone had vandalized his 2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide by damaging the saddle bags and removing the speakers installed in them. The total damage was set at $2700.

July 26 – M.W. Hunnicutt responded to the area of Massey Road in reference to a suspicious vehicle . The tag was traced and the owner, Michael Kirby, was patched through to Hunnicutt by phone. He stated that the vehicle should be in the driveway at his home. He went to the scene and was given his car to take home.


July 24 – P.D. Marter responded to Truck Masters at 1715 Hwy. 86 where Wayne Brockman reported the theft of a 1999 Dodge truck valued at $5500.

July 25 – C.P. Huff responded to the Waffle House at 103 Assembly Dr. where an employee reported that three white men and a black man, all in their 20s, had run up a bill of $56 and then walked out. They left in a black Geo with SC tag KVS405.

July 26 – D.McQueen responded to the Spinx convenience store at 2100 Hwy. 86, where Charles Owen reported that two black males had stolen merchandise valued at $54.

July 26 – C.G. Liggett responded to a report of armed robbery at the Best Western at 70 Kalyns Way, where Stephen Cunard reported that a black male, 5’8″, wearing a bandanna over his face, entered the lobby and presented a firearm, demanding money. Cunard described the gun as silver, magazine fed, possibly .22 caliber. Approximately $400 was taken.

July 26 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to 203 Raven Wood Circle where Debra Chiles stated that someone had stolen her 2008 silver Chevy Silverado, valued at $9000. The truck bore SC tag# KYT-454.


July 25- J.T. Smith responded to 648 Mountain View Rd. where Stephen McAlister reported the theft of his 2008 white R-Vision Traillite RV camper, tag# TS27QB. T^he thief also cut the left front tires on two vehicles in the yard. The total loss was set at $15,300.

July 25 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to 108 Hunting Meadows where Virginia Keiper reported that someone had broken into her husband’s truck and stolen a set of church keys.

July 26 – C.P. Huff and R.D. Phillips responded to 102 Crappie Dr. where Alan Stone reported that Randi Harper, WF, 25, 5’7″, 153 pounds, brn/brn, was in the residence with a sawed off shotgun and had threatened him and another person, Annie Stone, with the weapon. Harper broke out a window and threatened to kill all law enforcement on the scene. The SWAT team and crisis negotiation units were dispatched and, after several hours, resolved the situation and took Harper into custody.