Langston’s Laughs


David and his family went to the local pet store to buy a pet. The children wanted a puppy and the wife fell in love with a little kitten but David saw a beautiful parrot. The parrot was in a cage way in the back of the store almost hidden. So David asked the store clerk if the parrot was for sale and the clerk said, “The parrot had been sold a few weeks ago but the man brought him back because the parrot kept using bad words.”

The clerk said, “Nobody wants a parrot that uses bad language.” “I will retrain him,” said David. “If you want the parrot I will give him to you,” the clerk said. So David and his family took the parrot home and the whole family began loving the parrot which they named Pete. Every day Pete was taught nothing but loving and kind words. Several months passed and David’s family was having guests from church over for Sunday dinner. They were excited to show off Pete and his talents to other people. Sunday finally came and the children were setting the table just before the other family arrived and David went to get Pete.

As David was bringing Pete into the dining room Pete’s cage bumped the door and Pete let out some of the worst words they had ever heard. David not knowing what to do put the parrot, cage and all in the freezer just as their friends arrived. Sunday dinner went perfect and they had a great visit with their friends. Later that evening David remembered Pete was in the freezer. He ran to the freezer took the cage out, opened it and took Pete out and held him until he revived. Pete looked up and said, “I promise I will never say another bad word again.” Then Pete asked David, “Please tell me what those frozen chickens did so I won’t do that either.”