Anderson County Sheriff’s Report


Anderson County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the following incidents recently:


Oct. 17 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to 11410 Anderson Rd. to the WalMart where a store employee reported that a male and female entered the store and tried to purchase a cell phone by offering drugs in exchange. When they were refused, the male threatened the employee and said he would be waiting for him outside. The employee pointed the man out and Deputy Smith made contact with him just after he entered a red Buick . The man identified himself as Jeffery Belue. Smith checked the tag and it came back stolen from Williamston.

He then ran the car and it also came back as stolen from Pickens County. Belue was placed under arrest. At that time, the female subject, Billi Jo Garrett, WF, 39, 5’9″, 210 pounds, of Travelers Rest, came out of the store and was arrested for shoplifting. A subsequent search of the vehicle found an open container, and a white powder on the driver’s side. Both were taken to ACDC where Belue was found to be Jonathan Bridges, WM, 39, 6, 170 pounds, of Easley.

Oct. 17 – R.M. Lovely responded to Bi-Lo, 3518 Hwy. 153 where Lakendra Jones reported leaving her wallet in the shopping cart when she left. When she called the store they reported that it was turned in. It was, but all cash and bank cards were missing. The loss was $300.

Oct. 18 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to Walmart, 11410 Anderson Rd. where he arrested Rhonda Chappell, WF, 52, 4’11″, 135 pounds, of Belton, for shoplifting. She had $373 worth of merchandise in the cart when she tried to leave without paying.


Oct. 17 – P.D. Marter responded to 689 Rogers Rd. where Jackie Turner reported the theft of the tailgate of his 1992 short bed truck. The loss was set at $500.

Oct. 17 – J.T. Smith responded to 207 Pineview Dr. where James Crawford reported the theft of his ten foot, single axle trailer, valued at $1500.


Oct. 16 – P.D. Marter was dispatched to 140 Massey Rd. where Angela Bell reported that someone had ransacked her two vehicles and stolen a brown wallet containing $200 in cash. The loss was set at $225.

Oct. 19 – J.D. Sparkman was dispatched to 202 Hopsewee Dr. where Ronak Patel reported the theft of his motorcycle , valued at $3200.


Oct. 16 – J.T. Smith responded to 210 Turkey Trot Rd. where Douglas Brenning reported that someone had broken into his truck and stolen a black laptop computer belonging to Greenville Water, his employer, and a bottle of prescription drugs. The loss was set at $535.

Oct. 16 – J.T. Smith was dispatched to 224 Cox Dr. where Justin Tharp reported the theft of a Glock 23 from his vehicle. The handgun was valued at $500.

Oct. 17 – A.N. Killingsworth responded to 140 Harper St. where Donna Hawkins reported that someone had entered her home and stolen a 42″ Polaroid television, valued at $800.

Oct. 17 – J.A. Clark responded to 320 Mahaffey Rd. where Shann Oglesby reported that someone had entered his home and stolen several items of clothing valued at $80.