Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

Oct. 13 – Officers responded to an unoccupied dwelling at 113 McDonald Avenue in reference to a possible break-in. According to reports, entry may have been attempted through a door which was damaged. The report referred to malicious damage estimated at $100. M. E. Simmons investigated.

Oct. 13 – Robert Michael Hays, 46, 420 Bagwell Rd., Piedmont was arrested for simple possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance after a moped was observed crossing the yellow line several times on Hwy. 8.

Patrolman M. Crowe alerted West Plezer Police Department and after turning onto Palmetto Road, the moped was stoped on Church St.. According to reports, a green leafy substance believed to be marijuanna was found in his front pocket. along with a baggie with oblong shaped yellow pills and yellow powder in his sock. After being transported to WPD, another search found six oblong blue pills in his pockets. Hays was transported to ACDC without furthur incident. M. Crowe, Z. T. Parks investigated.

Oct. 14 – Officers investigated an incident in which Bruce Kenneth Hyatt, Jr., 31, 16 E. First St,. Williamston reported being struck in the face while on his property following a verbal incident with neighbors. The incident was recorded and an arrest warrant was issued for Colt Poore, 27, 7 E. First St,. Williamston, for assault and battery.

Warrants were also issued for neighbors Carmela Edmonds and Larry Edmonds for giving false information to a police officer. According to reports, they both told officers Colt Poore did not assault or strike Hyatt. The incident was being recorded by Hyatt. T. L. Eichelberger, M. Crowe investigated.

Oct. 16 – Officers investigated an incident in which a man in a green truck tampered with power switches to the air conditioning units at Fast Fuel, 207 West Main St. M. Beeman investigated.

Oct. 16 – Samantha Lynn Turner, 35, 118 W 3rd St,. Williamston reported a tag taken from a 2003 Kia. Z. T. Parks investigated.

Oct. 17 – Denardis J. Kilgo, 35, 64 Lot 7 S. Fairfield Rd., Greenville was arrested for simple possession of marijuana and possession of mathamphetamine after officers responded to Pagoda restaurant , 529 W. Main St. in reference to a domestic situation. According to reports, Kilgo was driving a 2003 Honda but had a suspended license. Reports also stated a small baggie with marijuana and another smaller baggie with a glass like shard were found in the vehicle. Kilgo was arrested and transported to ACDC without furthur incident. S. N. Robison, R. Drennon investigated.

Oct. 18 – Havier Saldin, 31, 113 Williamston Ct. was arrested for indecent exposure after officers were dispatched to the location. According to reports, Saldin went out of his back door, pulled out his private part and started peeing near a female victim and her seven year old daughter. He was transported to ACDC without incident. He was also being charged with a warrant for furnishing false information after the ACDC notified WPD that he had given a false name of Santiago Osiel. The information was received from fingerprints through the FBI. Z. T. Parks investigated.