Williamston Police Report


Williamston Police Officers investigated the following incidents:

Dec. 8 – Officers were dispatched to 109 Long Thompson Drive in reference to a dog tied on a short leash with no food or water. The dog’s bones were showing through his skin and he could barely move. The animal was picked up by animal control and transported to the animal shelter. Z. T. Parks investigated.

Dec. 8 – Robert Dillon Riley, 21, 1 Pine Lane, Williamston was arrested for simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance after appearing in court on a traffic ticket for unlawful possession of blue lights. According to reports, Officer M. Crow was asked to escort the suspect to the parking lot to check the vehicle, which still had the blue lights installed. A clear plastic bag was observed on the center console with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and another clear plastic bag with 7 pinkish pills later determined to be Atterall, a schedule II substance. He was arrested and transported to Anderson County Detention Center. R. Drennon investigated.

Dec. 8 – Patrick Wayne McCurley, 35, 103 Crown Ct., Williamston reported a burglary in which a 52” TV, a 32” TV and a Bulldog safe was missing. The safe contained a .22Cal pistol, high school ring, silver coins, watches and mens rings. Another safe containing a baseball card collection valued at $40,000-$50,000 was also taken. Estimated total value of items taken was $47,900. Forced entry was gained through a rear door. S. N. Robison, M. Beeman investigated.

Dec. 9 – Jason Durrell Sims, 30, 2 Black St., Williamston was arrested for simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after officers responded to 526 West Main St. in reference to suspicious activity. According to reports a black car was backed into a parking spot with a white male sitting in the driver seat, smoking what appeared to be a glass pipe. Upon further investigation a partially empty bottle of Miller beer was observed on the front seat and a small bag with pills, three small black baggies of marijuana, a partially used pack of rolling papers were found in the vehicle. Sims, a passenger in the vehicle, had a silver digital scale in his coat. Sims was arrested and transported to ACDC. The driver, only identified as Shaw, was issued a warning for open container due to there being no condensation on the bottle. M. E. Simmons, Sgt. K. J. Winn investigated.

Dec. 11 – Betty Norris Pepper, 67, 240 Osteen Hill Rd., Piedmont reported forgery of three checks drawn on her bank account. The incident remains under investigation. G. Cremer investigated.

Dec. 11 – Deborah Steadman, 53, 305 Hardy St., Williamston reported a burglary in which diamond earrings valued at $150, a gold and diamond bracelet valued at $200 and a watch valued at $350 and a 9mm Ruger handgun valued at $400 was missing. M. Beeman investigated.

Dec. 11 – Chatal Smith 25, 203 Miracle Mile Dr., Anderson reported vandalism in which a tire on her 2005 Ford Explorer was cut while she was parked in Mineral Spring Park. According to reports, just before a male in a gold mini van was attempting to get the same parking spot she had parked in. A male was seen walking around her vehicle but was not seen causing the damage. R. Drennon investigated.

Dec. 12 – Anthony Lee Smith, 24, 788 Holland Ford, Rd,. Pelzer was arrested and issued a summons for simple possession of marijuana after a red Chevy was observed on Greenville Dr., with a black tag cover and no working tag light. A plastic baggy containing marijuana and a wooden box with a pipe were found inside a Crown Royal bag in the vehicle. S. N. Robison investigated.

Dec. 12 – Lauren Sanders, 48, 903 Hwy. 17, Piedmont reported two tires on her Volkswagen Jetta had been slashed while at 100 Gossett Dr., in Williamston. Damage was estimated at $250. R. Drenon investigated.

Officers investigated an incident during the Christmas Parade in which a vehicle was parked on private property at 112 West Main and then was blocked in by the property owners son’s vehicle. According to the report, during the incident the black truck owned by the son, Bently Drake, 420 Philwood Dr, Williamston, appeared to have been keyed, causing $1000 in damage.