District One School Board approves 20 policy changes


By David Meade

During their regular monthly meeting Tuesday, the Anderson School District One Board approved twenty policy changes ranging from school bus safety, food and sales and snack vending to health education and homeless students. The policy revisions have been considered by the board for several months and include:

Board Meeting Notification, Agenda, Bus Safety Program, Competitive Food Sales/Vending Machines; Competitive Food Sales/Vending Machines Rule; “Smart Snacks” Individual Exempt Fundraiser Checklist Form and “Smart Snacks” Annual School-Based Exempt Fundraiser Summary Report Form.

Also School Year; Health Education; Instruction Services for Limited English Proficiency Students; Instructional Services for Limited English Proficiency Students Rule.

Also Admission of Homeless Students; Admission of Limited English Proficiency and Migrant Students; Parents Permission to take School-Sponsored trip form; Graduation Requirements Rule; Admission of Nonresident Students; Student Fund-Raising Activities; Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs and a related rule.

The revised rules will be posted and can be viewed on the School District website.

District One Finance Director Travis Thomas reported that teachers will receive a $275 reimbursement from the state for supplies they purchase to get ready for the upcoming start of classes.

Thomas also reported that a new rating system is being required for Federal grants and the annual audit. The rating is based on a three tier system with risk levels of low, medium and high.

District One scored a 10 on their rating which is at the low end of the low risk rating which is anything less than 18. Ratings of 19-28 are considered Medium Risk and 29 or higher is High Risk, Thomas said.

District One Superintendent David Havird said, “This is an excellent report as to how it relates to our financial stability.”

Superintendent of Instruction Jane Harrison reported that District One is implementing a new Comprehensive Health program for middle school students in grades six through eight. She said a committee of teachers, principals and pastors evaluated the program.

The program, which addresses teen pregnancy is being assisted with a grant, which has allowed the district to hire a Student Success Coordinator.

The coordinator will work with middle school students throughout the district, and will work with some at risk students in small groups, Harrison said.

The coordinator will be at Palmetto Middle two days each week, at Wren Middle two days each week and at Powdersville Middle one day.

Harrison also said the District has an initiative with AT&T to help families without internet to get low cost access. The program allows internet service for only $10 a month to households who have at least one person who is a SNAP participant.

“This is an opportunity for families that have not been able to have internet,” Harrison said.

Harrison said the program provides a low cost way to help students that may have had to do work on their Ipad at school or other locations with a wireless connection instead of being able to access the internet at home.

Harrison also updated the board on assessments and training underway for teachers.

Opening Assembly for District One will be held at Palmetto High School on August 12. The Teacher of the Year announcement and luncheon will be held at noon.

The Board went into executive session to discuss personnel and contractual matter. Upon returning to open session they approved the following personnel recommendations:

Charlotte Spivey, Sixth Grade, Powdersville Middle.

Resignation – Patty Moody, Sixth Grade, Powdersville Middle.

Request for Leave – Sarah Hanks, Math, Wren High School.